Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things bloggers are scared to tell PR

We spend a lot of time doing this, we would like to be properly compensated. We cannot do two hours worth of work for one tiny sample, or a product valued at 5 to 8$. That is like being paid 4$ an hour. Would YOU work for 4$ an hour?
2nd - We really really do not like it when in negotiations for product reviews, you pick what you send us. Please just offer us a price range and let us choose. Its even worse when you tell us an item you want to send and it is your cheapest item, especially when to be nice, we pick one we actually like that costs just a little bit more, and you say no. First of all, it looks really bad. Second of all, why would you send a blogger who is writing up a REVIEW on your product a product an item they do not like? Isn't that the opposite of what you would want to do?

It's one thing if that particular item needs promotion. But if I express deep disdain for said item, then you could offer to send me something else around the same value and I could actually include a blurb about that product (with links naturally) still write about that item that needs promotion.
It just gets old. Everyone has pet peeves at their jobs, and this is my "job" and that is mine. I hate to sound greedy, but if I accepted every pitch that comes my way for low valued items, then I'd be in over my head, forever on the computer, not even getting anything of value back out of it. Maybe some bloggers do it just to write. I like to write too. But if you are getting advertising, (that's what giveaways/reviews are; advertising) then you could at least send me something my blog is valued at. It would be one thing if I didn't have very many followers, but I have worked diligently and oh-so-hard at growing and maintaining this.. and I refuse to see her fail. If need be, I'll go down on ship with her! You know?


Crystal said...

I recently had a makeup company say they would send me one product of my choice to review... if I paid the $7 shipping. (The products were an average $7 value, too). I was like "Are you kidding me??"

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