Saturday, January 30, 2010


Gigi justTOO sweet,we watchd end of Miss America pageant,was tellin her bout 1girl frm evry state(try2explain2her)she said,mommy u could win! Aw,shes delusional

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Watching FOOD, INC- a documentary about what is really in our food. So far, its very intresting. I would recommend this movie, its stuff ppl really SHOULD know!

the submariners wifes life

I talkd2the ombudsman 4noahs sub for 30min, cried my heart out, obv2no avail. Noah said that he got told when he arrived back frm lunch not 2 let me talk him n2 "doin anything stupid" is that all she got from our conversation? :o ty for the help. Im sure they're really goin2b willing to let him off the sub now. Some1 needs2raise awareness that this is a problem-if it has2b me, then so b it. They shouldn't tell the submariners they will be allowed 2b present for the birth of their 1st child, n then tell noah when time comes. "Ur wife has our support groups. She should understand the lifestyle." If some1 needs2kick up dust-then let it b me. I'm not afraid of any1-this is my family. My family is much more important. How can they say no, without even trying2find a replacement4him from some other sub that will b n off crew? It shouldn't b "silently tolerated" I have a voice, I will use it. How many women for how many years have suffered this b4 me? I have already had a child by myself ty. Just bc other women have tolerated it, I'm supposed to? Its BC other women have tolerated it that I shouldn't have to. This is 2010-not 1900-were talking about a 3mo deployment- that's it. re-enlistment might b easier if they cared about the sailors. Seems to me, they don't. I know we'd be willing to pay up to 600$ to have some1 take his spot. If he had some help finding that some1-itd b easier. If they can't find some1 to take his spot, then they should pull the weight for him. So he can b w us. U can redo xmas n birthdays. I can't re-push a child out. Its supposed 2b a "tight knit" community, doesn't seem very much like it to me, when some1 is in need, do u turn ur back, or help? Especially if I am the only pregnant wife whose baby should be delivered DURING this deployment. If noah were to fall ill, would the sub just not go out? NO! They'd go w out him. As they should this time. Their should b exceptions made for pregnancy. Its not something any1 woman should have2endure alone, bc of military, talk about how ppl respect the military service members? By god! PROVE IT!
if something happes and his is et off. then great lovely. i couldnt ask for more ill print these words and literally EAT them. but we all know it isnt goin2happen.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


look how much $ ive made on surveyhead! ive been a member for a yr and a half. and i take surveys occasionally.
i have cashed out like 4 or 5 times for cash, amazon gift cards, ect ect.

cuz ima pothole

idk y but i nvr get on here anymore- could i b bc im uber lazy now?im literally reeking of boredom. if it had a smell it would smell delicious., maybe butterfly flower by bath and body works. or maybe tommy girl, happy by clinique or even just me, by miss paris hilton. yea i smell like whore, but boredom does too! ;) lol- hahah
idk what i came here to write about. i really have not too much to say. o yes, i did find out my due date is june 1st but i will b 40 weeks on june 2nd? weird.
ill tell u why this is weird.
wird bc the new babys bday would b
june 2
gigis bday is july 2
& then u guessed it my bday is august 2

then haha funnily noahs is sept 20
yeah he missed it by 18 days
but it still has a 2! lol

k thats about it
ill leave you with the funniest bit of commercial hilariousness ive found recently

: "oh no! your tire's all flat 'n' junk! oh no, did i do that to you? i'm sorry! let me get out my cellular phone, call your record, oh shoot... i got no phone! cause...

IMA POTHOLE! ..... hmmm.....kkkkkkkk..............BYE!!!!!!!!!!