Friday, January 20, 2012

MONSTER HIGH coloring pages and 42 cartoon/videos!!! (slow)

Mattel began broadcasting animated webisodes of Monster High on in July 2010.

The project was part of a far-reaching effort by the toymaker to roll out the Monster High franchise in a number of toy, apparel, and entertainment categories. If you haven't seen Monster High by now, you probably do not have or hang around with little girls. They were all the rage the past 2 years!! My darling daughter, Giana owns a Ghoulia Yelps doll, and Draculaura doll as well. She doesn't know, but she might be getting Frankie Stein for her Birthday, just maybe! Now we just need Lagoona Blue and the newer ones, Abby Bomidable and Spectra something or the other. Plus she needs ALL the others of course. Or so... she thinks. :)  I sooo wish they had these dolls when I was little. I would've loved them. They are so unique. I do not like how you have to take the hands off to change their clothes though. Their sleeves are so form fitting & their hands are fingers spread (to be creepier?) I have told Giana not to change their clothes. The clothes wont fit her other Barbies anyway- since these dolls are super skinny/slender and their limbs are too. In any case, one of the dolls is missing an arm and a hand and it kinda makes me not want to buy more. Our neighbor buys her the soft Monster High dolls. Well, she got her one for her birthday and one for Christmas, and that was really nice of her. They are cute too, like little voodoo dolls. Anyway- I wanted to compile this post to kinda share it with you guys (Its really SUPER cute!) and also for Gigi. 

I dedicate this blog post to Gigi!!!

The property, which is aimed at tween and teen girls, is about chic monsters trying to get through high school. The animated special, which airs weekly, i think, on YouTube, features music by Allison Iraheta.

These videos are not my intellectually property. They are the property of Mattel and are share-able from YouTube. No copyright infringement intended.
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The first movie is 20 minutes long, after that the following movies are just a few minutes (2-3) at best.

Monster High™- New Ghoul at School

Being the new girl is totally terrifying. See what really happened during Frankie Stein's first week at Monster High!

Monster High™ - Neferamore

Monster High™ - Deuling Personality

Monster High™ - Here Comes Treble

Monster High™ & Kind Campaign: The Shockumentary

Monster High™ - Hiss-teria

Monster High™ - Ghostly Gossip

Monster High™ - Phantom Of The Opry

Monster High™: “Talon Show”

Monster High™: "Fear Squad"

Monster High™: "Substitute Creature"

Monster High™ - Game of DeNile

Monster High™: “Hatch Me If You Can”

Monster High™: “A Scare of a Dare”

Monster High™: “Date of the Dead”

Monster High™: “Idol Threat”

Monster High™: “Horrorscope”

Monster High™: “Fur Will Fly”

Monster High™: “Rumor Run Wild”

Monster High™ - "The Good, the Bat and the Fabulous"

Monster High™: “Mad Science Fair”

Monster High™: “Shock and Awesome”

Monster High™: “Freakout Friday”

Monster High™: “Totally Busted”

Monster High™: “Freedom Fight”

Monster High: Higher Deaducation

Monster High™: “Date of the Dead”

Monster High™: Clawditions

Monster High™: A Bad Zit-uation

Monster High™: Cyrano De-Ghoulia

Monster High™: “Photo Finish”

Monster High™: “Bad Scare Day”

Monster High™: “The Hot Boy”

Monster High™ - Frost Friends

Monster High™: “Blue Lagoona”

Monster High™: “Jaundice Brothers”

Monster High™: “Copy Canine”

Monster High™: “Party Planners”

Monster High™ - Monster Mashionals Part 1

Monster High™ - Monster Mashionals Part 2

Monster High™ - Dodgeskull

Monster High™ - Uncommon Cold

Meet all the monsters, here at:

meet some of the NEW Characters
Toralei Stripe

 These characters appearances are as original as their names are!!! kick-ass!

                                                               Meet Operetta

Go to Monster and play the games, click here!!!!

Disclaimer- all the videos and images are intellectual property of 
Monster High and Mattel™.


Shannon's Tales of Motherhood said...

The kids around here are in love with these monster high dolls! I wish you would do a giveaway for one! lol.
Thanks for the review and videos you shared!

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