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Girl Extraordinaire / GirLeo Review

I am an EXTREME girly girl! Thats why I love Girl Extraordinaire! They sent me a cute screened canvas tote, a garter, a baby pink T-Shirt, a tank top, and even a little dress for..... wait, the dress they sent me was supposed to be for my kids, however it was too small. I told them their ages were 1 and 6, but for some reason got sent a size 3 dress. Its precious though, so I gave it to my best friends kid. I included the pics of her in it below. Looking through their baby and little girl collection, they have SO much cute stuff! I REALLY wished it would have been something that would have fit Giana Kendall or Devonny Noelle.... I got some pics of me in it, and I'd like to share them with you. The logo tank top was comfy and it looked cute on me, especially since I just got all tan. (From my weekend at Amelia Island!) As was the rhinestone bedazzled Bride pink tee shirt they sent. (Even though I am not a bride, Which I prob looked silly walking around in (to my friends, anyway!) LOL!

The red shirt is a logo tank top and It reads: "Girl Extraordinaire Because I am!" Dang! They know me!!! Also my canvas tote - which I really like is red. :)
The pink shirt reads: Bride
The shirt-dress I put on Brynna reads "Offical Flower Guard" ( I am not clear if this is intended for bridal? For a flower girl? ) But the camo is gray & pink and very girly, and charming and I do love it.

If you are reading this review, do me and yourself a favor and "Like" Girl Extraordinaire's Facebook page! Please tell them Locomotion of Expressions sent you!

Also, if you tweet (I do, and often!) They also have a twitter you can follow below!

They also have a little doggy they call Sweet Pea or Sweet Pea the Bumblebee which I bet Giana would've loved for me to review!

The creators of this line, which I consider the most girlie - also have mens shirts for companies or customization and they say cute things like: "KING until the Queen comes back"
(and other cute things, so yes it is girly, but they do also have stuff for men. Stuff for babies, kids, Wall Art and even Dog & Pet collections.. which has adorable little 'bling' clothes for your dogs.

Girleo/Girl Extraordinaire was founded by two BFFs Tiffany Bressen Corbett & Courtney Noelle Maddox. (CUTE! Her middle name is also Devonny's middle name! ((Devonny is my youngest daughter and her middle name is also Noelle)) Here is a picture of Tiffany & Courtney!

A few celebrities have caught the buzz!!! They have been featured and mentioned in many big magazines and other places, such as Life & Style, Everyday with Rachel Ray, People, Modern Bride and here are some of their other Press links & photos :)

Here is their websites Home page, if you are wanting to browse around and see for yourself, but I have some images of their other clothes..

They also have a Holiday collection called Hooray For the Holidays.

Did I mention the canvas tote you can get customized?
Wear your girl leo apparel and send in pics to have your picture featured on this page! Girleo Girls or click to see some of their cute clothes in action!

I especially love their Mom & baby collection, appropriately named Extraordinary Kiddo and Baby Extraordinaire.

They even have swimsuits - which I would have loved to review, since I am so close to the beach.

To sum their retail line up, I would say that it is very sparkly and is comfortable but fashionable clothes with sayings on them such as "Inspire" or "Love is Blind" or "Sweetheart", with rhinestones. But don't get it twisted- they also have clothes for little boys, and big boys. Greeting cards, books, and Men's clothing too!

I couldn't find many images for their stuff online to share with you. There is a few on their website but not the whole collections. You have to be an approved vendor to wholesale. What I mean to say is you cannot purchase directly from them on their own website. You have to find a retailer. But there is a page to help you find one (naturally!) Store Locator

Sadly, there is no store near me. They did send me a catalog, and I think I was privvy to veiw the whole collections but am not sure if there are more to the collections than what I was shown.. but I am unclear as to whether I can even order out of it, since you can not place orders online, and there are no prices.. There is a phone number, and the items do have "order numbers" But I am a little uninformed. If I find out soon, I'll edit this out and let you guys know! But it is Saturday night, and I have to get up bright and early to finish my yard sale. So I had to get this written, I have had my plate so full and this has been on a backburner and it wasn't right. When I have an obligation to a company for a due review.. I do it. I'm not one to disappoint people. One thing you might have noticed about me I am extremely honest. I say refreshing, you say brash. Either way: STILL HONEST!

Well, my bed is calling my name. But don't forget to check out Girl Extraordinaire.
Good night!

I wrote this review for Locomotion of Expressions about Girl Extraordinaire. I received free product to keep for this review from Extraordinaire through Tomoson. All opinions for this review are that of my own.

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Model Search -

Model Search -

VOTE for my little girls pic

to be on the cover of a magazine! (please!)

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PLZ VOTE MY lil girls pic to #1!


this is the pic I submitted! :)

FREE anti-Pollution Bumper Sticker

FREE anti-Pollution Bumper Sticker

Vote for your favorite, then receive one for free in the mail.
Click the link above the picture to go enter your address!!!

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Everyday mampedia mails you a sweet coupon code/ Today i got a 30$ off and got a really cute owl wall clock and owl ladies shirt for 17$ (thats with shipping!) anyway so everyday they send you an offer like that and if you accept you have so many days to use it. I signed up a long time ago, but thats the 1st one I've been interested in, but who knows what they have coming next OR what you might find!!! (my offer was for Cafepress today!~) COOL HUH!~? :)

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STARTING 7AM Friday for earth day come chat here! HOSTING THE 1THING4GREEN LIVE CHAT

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Kelocote Scar Therapy Review + Win a tube Of Kelocote!

Kelo-cote is made by ABT First let me tell you about Kelocote (and give you some useful links!) then, I'll tell you about some of their promotions, and lastly, my own experince with them. I know how important pictures are to this blog post, however the nature of which I got my scars and location,... I gave it a LOT of thought, and eventually decided that I just couldn't put myself out there like that. Not to disservice my readers, but somethings are better left unspoken, and unseen. However I did research and dig up some before and after photos for you. I apologize immensely for this, but I wrestled with this and subsequently lost. :0

Kelo-cote is a revolutionary product that 800+ physicians carry & recommended!

Also don't forget to "Like" their Facebook page below as well to be alerted of new deals and promotions! BONUS, when you do you'll receive a coupon code good towards your purchase!

About the KeloCote spray - While it isn't for me, my husband tried it and loved the cold sensation. Where I am spraying however, its not pleasant whatsoever. But I did continue to use it anyway, but it was kind of "invigorating" and halfway painful. *Laughing*
This 100mL can contains enough Kelo-cote Spray, when used as directed, to treat an area of 30 square inches (5"x6") once per day for approximately 12 weeks. Obviously I went too heavy handed, bc it did not last me that long.
Polysiloxanes, Silicon Dioxide.
Kelo-cote® Spray was specifically developed for the treatment and prevention of painful, sensitive and widespread scars. Its unique delivery system allows Kelo-cote® Spray, a lightweight, self-drying silicone gel, to be applied without rubbing or touching.
Kelo-cote® Spray rapidly dries to form a flexible, breathable, waterproof silicone gel sheet that binds to the top layer of your skin. This ensures treatment is delivered 24 hours a day. It can be used on joints, flexures, hairy areas and large area scars such as those caused from burns, major trauma or pregnancy and is suitable for adults and children.
Kelo-cote® Spray's effectiveness is to flatten, soften and smooth scars, relieving the itching and discomfort as well as reducing the discoloration associated with scars.

about Kelcoote:

- Self-dries within 4-5 minutes forming a flexible, transparent sheet -
- Flattens, softens and helps smooth existing raised scars -
- Reduces discoloration and redness -
- Relieves associated itch, pain and discomfort of scars -
- UV protection ingredients may protect scars from discoloration and redness caused by sun exposure -
- Very water resistant -
- Once dry, cosmetics may be applied Ideal for areas exposed to the sun such as the face, neck, chest or hands -
- May be used on flexure's, joints, irregular surfaces, as well as large area scars -
- Can be used in conjunction with any other treatment option such as pressure garments -

About the Kelocote Gel:
Advanced Bio-Technologies, Inc. has developed a revolutionary and patented product that maintains the positive benefits of silicone gel sheets while eliminating the concerns and limitations associated with their use. Kelo-cote® is an innovative topical silicone gel for the management of scars and for the prevention of abnormal scars in the form of hypertrophic scars and keloids. It is indicated for scars resulting from trauma, surgery, burns or other events that result in broken skin. Kelo-cote® gel self-dries to a waterproof, gas permeable membrane that acts like an extra layer of skin. It helps to soften, flatten and smooth the scar while maintaining the moisture balance and elasticity of the adjacent skin. It has also been shown to reduce the discoloration and itching associated with scars. For the management and prevention of scars, Kelo-cote® can be used as soon as the break in the skin is closed (i.e. after stitches are removed) Ensure that the affected area is clean and dry. Apply Kelo-cote to the area as a very thin coat and allow to dry. Should be applied once daily, or twice daily in areas exposed to abrasion. Once dry, Kelo-cote can be covered with cosmetics or sun block. Recommended duration of treatment 60-90 days.
Ingredients - Polysiloxane, Silicon Dioxide.

about the Kids spray (I didn't get to test..) The only Silicone scar treatment available in a spray, Kelo-cote is proven to be safe for even the most sensitive skin of babies and children of all ages. Kelo-cote Kids Spray fades the scars caused by cuts, scrapes, burns, insect & animal bites, stitches and surgery.

Kelo-cote Kids Spray forms a protective barrier over the scar, and works to regulate moisture level and the collagen production. The "touch-free" application is ideal for kids. The gentle, non-stinging formulation means no "owwies" and is therefore easier for parents to apply.

My thoughts on Kelocote:

I have a terrible surgical scar that is more than a 3 inches long - on my torso. This product reduced the redness, the tightness, the rope- like texture of my scar. The whole thing had a turnabout really. I used this product for 8 weeks, 2x daily, as recommended. At first I used the Kelocote spray ( the entire can, and I seemed to use more of it than the gel), then I started in on this enormous tube of scar gel they also sent me. I have used a third of the tube. I have learned however, to go sparingly on the gel, as opposed to the spray. With the spray I felt like I had to use more, but with the gel, I learned the more you use, the more rub-off you get on your clothes. I had it saturate one shirt when I laid down in bed. But on a more positive note, it did not stain or bleach and washed out entirely! :) It also helps it feel better as it does not pull anymore. I started either waiting until it's dry to dress (applied after shower) or I put a band-aid over the area and take it off when the Kelo cote is dry.

**************Current Promotion******************
Belli Skincare Launches Belli Beautiful
(Belli is owned by the same company as Kelo-Cote, but they are totally separate brands.)

WHO: Belli Skincare along with likeminded partners including
Aerosoles , Baby Stay Asleep, Bebe Au Lait, Belly Bandit, Bink & Boo,
Bump It Up Style, Diva Moms, Fit 2 Be Mom, Healthy Chef Creations,
Magpie Lovely, Plain Mary, Pampers, Panache Lingerie, Pure Belly
Organic Maternity, Pretty Printing , & MORE!!!

WHAT: A revolutionary photo/video online viral campaign. The contest
encourages moms to celebrate the best of their Bellies, Tummies and
Abs. Belli skincare loves them ALL and wants to celebrate the beauty
of motherhood and curves. Contestants will submit photo/video of
mom’s Baby Bump, Her Little One’s Tummy, Her Proud Post-Pregnancy Body
to win BIG PRIZES that celebrate and pamper mom in style and luxury.

WHERE: Nationwide and Overseas moms and moms-to-be will submit their
entries at
Then, contestants will promote submissions via Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, My Space and more to encourage votes and views to support
their entry. No contestant is too far away. Moms across the world are
welcome to join the celebration!! This campaign will reach well over

HOW: Number of views, creativity & presentation are how to win. The
photo/video that wins in each category receives prizes valued at $5000
(USD). The one GRAND PRIZE WINNER gets a prize package valued at
$10,000(USD). All prizes are courtesy of Belli skincare and partner
brands to make mom or mom-to-be feel like a princess!

Celebrity judges include trend reporter, style expert & fashionista
mom Amy Tara Koch; President and CEO of Belli skincare and cosmetics
industry veteran Annette Rubin; and Harper Collins author of Sephora:
The Ultimate Guide to Make-Up, Skin and Hair from the Beauty Authority
Melissa Schweiger.

WHEN: The campaign kicks off April 4th and last entries must be
submitted by May 7th. Winners announced MOTHER’S DAY – MAY 8, 2011.

Before & After photos!

Here I have provided you with links from everything to Silicone Scar Treatment
and Preventing Scars.
Other Kelo-cote reviews
& Amazon reviews.
Kelocote is avalable for purchase directly from the manufacturer online at Kelo-Cote's website. Or, if you aren't comfortable purchasing online, you can also find it at Target (in-store).
Got a question I didn't cover?
Find your answer, in their FAQ's.

~Now for the giveaway!~
The winner will receive a tube or can of Kelo-cote Scar Therapy. I am not sure which product will be offered at present time. But they are all so expensive, any one of them would be amazing to receive. Plus with Kelo-Cote a little goes a LONG way!~
If you want to win this its VERY simple! All you must be is a Google Friend Connect (gfc) follower and fan my facebook fan page HERE, and post a link to this giveaway either on your twitter feed. Or on your facebook feed!~ Just cut & paste this " " (& write a snippet about it!)
You can do both (twitter & facebook ) and earn one extra entry.

This sweepstakes will run until April 30th at noon eastern time.

Earn another by following my Twitter
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Also you may earn extra entries by writing on their Facebook wall (and tag Locomotion of Expressions ((By using the @ sign) that Locomotion of Expressions sent you!
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TheraBreath giveaway (ends April 24th)
as I add giveaways, I will come back and edit this!
If you didn't know, All of my sweeps end at noon eastern. Every time. No exception. So get your entries in before then!


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Educational Toys Planet Review - Foamfetti is a website that has many connections to bloggers like me, who help get the word out about tbeir toys! I ran a google search for them, and found all sorts of reviews for all sorts of toys. Unfortunately I was very jealous to see the other toys that had been sent to people, because this "Foamfetti" was not impressive.
I wrestled with even reviewing this product, because upon opening it, I knew this review would be shoddy. I contemplated not reviewing it at all. I kinda felt like it would put a damper on me receiving another product to review from or any website that reads this would be scared I would do it to them as well. My mother told me if you don't have something nice to say, just keep your mouth shut. But my conscience was nagging at me. Remembering what I have read about how bloggers should conduct themselves . I will say this though. I am floored that this product claims to be given an award? WOW! Thats crazy!

Creative Child Magazine - Preferred Choice Award - 2010

I have never seen a craft-sy product I despise as much as this one. If you want to buy it go ahead. I tried my hardest to come up with something nice to say, and I did, and I will share it at the end. (In my pros and cons list.)
OK! OK! I did hate the Moon Sand too, but even it wasn't as bad as this.

Foamfetti is supposed to be this amazing Arts & Crafts molding "dough" that crinkles and pops. The gimmick and the idea is not new, but cute in its own way! I really liked the packaging. ( I loved Educational Toys Planet's website! ) The packaging pictures things that they made (we'll talk about that later) like a wand, a teddy bear and a castle.

And it is SO cute! Then it comes with three medium sized tubs of FoamFetti, one yellow, one pink and one purple. Very bright vivid colors, that look like confetti. My little girl Giana was SO excited. Foamfetti claims to stick to itself, paper or unfinished wood to add texture to your other artistic designs.

We were very disappointed however when we opened it up, and TRIED to mold this stuff. It says it is for ages 5 years and up, but Giana is a VERY smart almost 6 year old little girl who couldn't mold it to save her life. So I thought, well, let me just go mold it for her. Nope! Wasn't just her.. its unmoldable. How in the world they molded it into a castle and a bear is beyond me. It sticks to your hands and wont shape whatsoever. I spread it out on a dresser with a ceiling fan on for almost 2 days, before it dried out enough to where it wouldn't stick all over you when you attempt to mold it. 36 hours later, it was tacky and semi-moldable. Maybe its just me? But even at that point I still couldn't shape it into much more than a ball. I made a star too, but that was a task all in itself. Giana, however couldn't do anything with it, short of just making a mess. On another note, it claims to crinkle, but didn't crinkle whatsoever until it was partially dry. I made 2 small balls and one large ball, and a star. Giana couldn't do it. I had to. :( Then, I had to let it dry enough to get tacky just to roll it, so the balls wouldn't stick to one another (to make a Mickey/Minnie mouse head shape) so the "ears" had to be super glued.
So lets go over the pros and cons.

Nice packaging/ good idea
It would mold... (eventually..)
It would crinkle ..(eventually...)
Washes off your hands easily.
Incorporates a Princess/Fantasy idea.
Has potential to spark your child's creativity and imagination.
Overall Educational Toys Planet seems to be a really neat website, so please do not judge them solely on this one bad product.
This is simply my experience/opinion of it, and yours may not be the same.
(Maybe this isn't the most positive experience or review, but at least my readers know they can trust me to be honest with them now.)

Too complex for small children.
Too wet to do anything with immediately.
Won't shape.
Won't stick to anything other than your hands, especially not to itself.
Cannot roll into a ball until its more than halfway dry and tacky.
Doesn't stick to paper.
I had to super glue seperate pieces together

Here is our finished products:

To find more arts & crafts, click the hyper-link!

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SheSpeaks Hormel Compleats

I am a part of this wonderful online program for moms (or anyone, really!) called Shespeaks! Shespeaks lets you learn about (and test!) new products! I have gotten quite a few things from them over the years, but have never blogged about it. Well, I was being selfish, keeping them all to myself! But, the most recent things they have sent me is their Johnsonville sausage program (in which I got some free coupons to buy Johnsonville sausage) but today I want to share with you about Hormel CompleatsKids meals. They are just like the ones for adults, if you have ever seen those. Basically just a "compleat" (complete) meal. Packed with vitamins and nutrients and more convenient than your typical can of ravioli. They come in four varieties.

Ravioli, Spaghetti and meatballs, Chicken and pasta, and macaroni and beef! Gigi really likes them!

There is also this neat website Hormel made to go hand in hand with the Compleatskids. On the website it encourages you to spend time with and play games with your children, as well as stay active. There are downloadable activities and certificates and progress trackers. Its like a fun little way to connect and learn about staying fit with your kids!
I took some screen shots of what they site has to offer. Don't just take my word for it! See for yourself!
Progress Chart:


Available Activities (this part is fun and neat too!

To learn more about Shespeaks and to join (click here!) You can also follow them on twitter, or if you are on facebook more, connect with them here.

Look for them in stores!

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TheraBreath Review & GiveAway!~ ***CLOSED!!!***

Therabreath Review & GiveAway!~ ( arv = 34 $ )

CLOSED!!! Winner:

Get rid of your bad breath!

I had never heard of Therabreath before.... Therabreath is for people with bad breath naturally, or halitosis. I had also never heard of "Tonsil Stones"? Still not completely sure I understand that, but from what I can see online (go google.. LOL) - Tonsil stones are "foul-smelling, whitish yellow globs of mucus, debris, and bacteria. Often misdiagnosed by dentists, they are very common.." Ok, maybe this is what my husband has. I always figured it was possibly something to do with his kidney cysts, or maybe acid reflux because he can brush his teeth, and go to kiss me.. and it's like it is coming from inside him? Its SO foul. I guess I'm glad to know he doesnt read my blog, because he probably would not like me sharing that. The truth is, its quite bad. Worst I have ever encountered. Really though, if you are affected by this problem (such as I) then you know as well as I do, that it is OUR problem. Not theirs. Sure its embarassing to them, but they don't have to smell it! And he burps constantly. You dont want to know... oh my goodness... I'll just save you and stop there. So when I got accepted for this review, I thought, GREAT!~ We can BOTH use it. Nothing seems to work on him. But honestly, in the two weeks he has been using it.. I haven't noticed anything stinky at all. I guess he is too embarassed to talk to a doctor about it? Possibly his diet? I haven't the slightest! Why is it men will wait til they are half dead to go to a doctor? Most women, we cough once and our appointment is made for the next (or the same..) day!
Here is what you can win by entering this giveaway!

1 tube of Therabreath Toothpaste

1 box of Mouth Wetting Lozenges

1 bottle of Therabreath Oral Rinse/Mouthwash

(That's what I got as well.) But not only do they have the above mentioned - they have all sorts of products to fit your needs! Whitening products, even pet care for Fido's bad breath! :) They have a sale section, and money saving bundling Kits! Different kinds of toothpastes and mints.. among other things.

What we thought:
I thought the mouthwash was nice because it wasn't overpowering / burning alcohol. It was nearly flavorless. Seems to work great!
The lozenges taste so good! They remind me of the mint white lifesavers ((which I LOVE)) except they have a very light hint of orange. They are small and individually wrapped and come 100 to a box! They attack the problem at the source, not mask it.
The toothpaste (which is clear) is good because it has no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (which not only is bad for your hair, but also your mouth) especially if you get cankers or cold sores. I also liked that the toothpaste is also very lightly flavored and has aloe vera- a natural and healthy ingredient. "The aloe vera works by boosting the body's ability to create collagen, which in turn strengthens weak and swollen gums to heal more quickly. (Bleeding gums provide a protein food source to the bacteria that create bad breath). No other "anti-Halitosis" system contains this form of Aloe Vera to fight this added problem."

What NoE thought:
The mouthwash - "It is not bad" (Whatever that means..)
The lozenges? He said, "They taste really good."
The toothpaste, "Don't like how you have to start out with the toothbrush dry. But I do like how it doesn't foam up."
Helpful, isn't he? So cooperative!

About the website -
First of all their website is so immaculate and well organized, easy to navigate and my favorite part! They have a online breath evaluation! See for yourself CLICK HERE!
Also of interest they will be releasing a new probiotic that can help your body's ability to resist cavities, sore throats, etc.…

Why Therabreath works

To enter this giveaway!

Mandatory entry:

( GFC blog follower - Always!) + Like my Facebook blog's fan page (on my sidebar box to the right) OR by clicking HERE
and "Like" Therabreath on Facebook HERE and tell them @ Locomotion of Expressions sent you!

- Extra Entries -

If you want extra entries, you may follow my twitter @1caseycolette
Also "follow" Therabreath's Twitter by clicking HERE.
or tweet and/or blog about this sweepstakes - ( If you tweet, please use the hashtag ( # ) with " #badbreath or #therabreath or #giveaway )
or enter any of my other sweepstakes (Look on my right sidebar or go to my homepage and scroll down.) - comment here which one(s) you entered.
You may also enter your "Breath Score" (in a comment) by CLICK HERE!
or tell me what product you like most for another extra entry! Easy, huh?

This sweepstakes will run from 4/12/2011 to 4/24/2011 noon eastern.
This giveaway is only open to residents of the USA and for adults 18 and up. Sorry, no exceptions! There will only be one winner. I was not compensated for this review and the opinions contained herein are all my own! ~Good Luck!~

Friday, April 8, 2011

Manhattan Toy! PJ Tots collection review & giveaway 4/18 ***CLOSED!!!***


Waiting for confirmation from winner


Hey Everybody! I have been so busy ... errands to run, kids to raise! Ha! But I do want to take a minute or two and share with you another really neat doll for your little girls! I found this doll called PJ Tots! She is about 5"in wide (in sleeping bag) and 12" tall.
Dolls play an essential part of role play and teaching caring and nurturing ways. As well as broadens your little ones imagination! I think they are so adorable. They sent Devonny a cute bunny rabbit doll with its bunny rabbit sleeping bag! She is ready for a sleepover.. ♥ So cute and just in time for Easter!

What Giana said, " I like the ♥ hearts ♥ on its pajama's and I like that it is pink! I am going to call her Carly! I like the kitty one a lot too! "
The Kito Kitty she is referring to, is not yet available! Their newest doll in the collection. Of course she comes with her very own matching Sleeping Bag! ( Sold separately. )

The other dolls are also super cute! They are for ages 18m+ !

There is a ladybug, frog doll and bear doll in this collection!

Lola Ladybug!
With her very own matching sleeping bag (Sold separately.)

Frannie Froggie!

The Frog sleeping bag. (Sold separately.)

♥((My Fave!)♥
Bailey Beary (cute name too! ) (:
& matching sleeping bag! (Sold separately.)

The cost for these dolls is 12$ Their sleeping bags are 8$.

What Devonny thought..

She was especially tickled by it and drug it around by its "handle" on the sleeping bag, giggling. She is so young, gets so excited.. If this doll can stand up to her, its durable and long lasting!

Want to win one?

Mandatory Entry

Manhattan Toy's is going to give one lucky reader their very own PJ Tots doll and sleeping bag!(Company choice))
Retail 20$ - 1 set.
All you have to do to enter is "LIKE"
Manhattan Toy's Facebook Page
Manhattan Toy's Twitter Page
and be a PUBLIC Google Friend Connect (GFC) Locomotion of Expressions follower.

For extra entries (1 entry each)
-Tweet or Blog about this sweepstakes!-
- You may "LIKE" my Facebook blog's Fan Page-
-You can follow my Twitter-
-Grab my button (top right). Be sure to let me know in a comment you did and where to find it!-
-Comment on Manhattan Toy's Facebook wall that Locomotion of Expressions sent you.
-Bonus Extra entry for that- tag Locomotions of Expressions Facebook in the Facebook wall post.-
-Enter any of my other giveaways! Links on sidebars!-

This sweepstakes will run until Monday, April 18th, @ noon eastern! ~Good Luck!~

Be sure to browse around, because they have lots of other toys for all kinds of occasions, for any kid!

This is a MammaBuzz review. The product was provided by: Manhattan Toy for this review.