Tuesday, January 17, 2012

#nsnation Keeps it simple.

Here's a few things about Nutrisystem I have learned since starting. They do all the hard work for you; and what I mean by that is, they make sure you get your protein and carbs in just the right balance! The coolest thing that keeps it simple for us, is the color codes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert/snack packages.
For instance; breakfast the color is blue- lunch is orange, but used to be green, until the changeover to SUCCESS, which has slightly confused me quite honestly, Dinner is red & snack is pink.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snack
While we are speaking about colors... since we are on the subject:
I found a very interesting article that said a while back, that eating in a blue room, can help you eat less. Apparently red plates can help too. I always read FOX News Headlines Mobile App late at night (insomniac) and I read this just the other day!

  " Presenting the color red on plates and cups appeared to help curb food and drink intake. Researchers suggest that red plates and cups motivate people to avoid food because it's a subtle cue we connect with stopping or danger.
It's unclear whether the use of the color red in the ambiance of a restaurant, for example, would have a similar influence on diners' appetites. And scientists did not explore if their findings apply to red- or blue-tinged food, such as berries, where color is more strongly tied to a food's taste.
While this study looked at salty snacks and sweetened drinks, future research could examine whether red plates or cups may also reduce consumption of healthier foods where avoidance isn't necessary.
For now, red dishes seem to make a dent in mindless munching. "We think color may be most helpful for eating or drinking behavior that happens almost automatically, like snacking in front of the TV," say Genschow and Reutner.
When you want to reduce food intake, "it may help to keep the color red close by," the researchers suggest. So try your own experiment with a red plate, red napkin, or a red placemat to see if it affects your weight over time -- along with eating healthy and exercising more. "

Read the full article:http://todayhealth.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/01/12/10139991-want-to-eat-less-use-red-dishes By Cari Nierenberg
Switching topics again.. because I am uber good at that. I do want to mention how much I have been going to the gym.
Going to the gym? Heck yes! It's 3 fantastic e's
  • exhilarating
  • exhausting
  • e-addicting  Endorphin ( but it IS addicting)
Ok, the last one didn't start with E, but a bullet list of two E-words seems silly. I guess I am in a silly mood. Exercising is so good for your endorphins. Ooh! There's my other E- word! Strike-through! 
Yay I made three! It also puts you in a good mood. Before I went, I got to try my new blender bottle and Nutrisystem SUCCESS shakes! The new program comes with 4 boxes (you pick the flavors of course!) of shakes. each box contains 7 shakes! They are not a meal replacement, but rather to use alongside the SUCCESS program! I tried Vanilla first, because I think that and Coffee will be my favorite! 
And I usually do not enjoy protein shakes, though I will drink them on the rare occasion, but these tasted very good! Next week, we'll talk more about the other 3 flavors, once I have had a chance to try them all!
I just got my new shipment in yesterday and it was so exciting. I won't bore you - this time - with the frozen food pictures, since you have seen that, and it's the same thing every-time. Plus I forgot to take pictures of it. (Sorry!)  I put it all away in the Freezer! I must admit, I much prefer the frozen foods to the shelf stable, and when my review period is up with Nutrisystem I will miss it, and many of the frozen convenience foods. I was one of those who doubted I guess in the beginning that it would actually taste good. I am glad to say I was wrong. That's not to say I have liked EVERYTHING they have sent, but yes, I can honestly say I like 98% of it. So that's pretty impressive. But I guess I am not too picky. The husband is.. the kids are. But as long as it's not super spicy, or weird, like goat testicles... I'm eating it. I'm not one of those who turns their nose up to healthy food, you know?
Normal food.

Anyway! Stay tuned next week, to see a Chart of my weight loss numbers, next Tuesday, same time, same place!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling Phone: 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog.

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