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Army of robots - HOW TO CHOOSE A CLEANING ROBOT (E-book review)

I am one of a few bloggers for an E-Book called "Cleaning robots: How to choose?". Perhaps most companies do not really want bloggers to be honest about a product they just want us to place the facts up, lie and smile and type how great and wonderful it is since we got it for free. I on the other hand, do not agree with this widely done practice. Some companies will even insist that you NOT write about it, because they feel it is bad press. One even asked me to send the product back. But you know what? I did not. One tried to cancel my giveaway that I had posted because I said her shirts were thin. (And they were, transparent actually... and they weren't supposed to be!) I am sorry if it is bad press, but people have different opinions about different products and I am sure my readers are smart enough to make purchase decisions on their own. Maybe some people like thin shirts. We all have different  opinions!! This is not a commercial and I am not going to lie for you! Sure- I might sway one or two from purchasing sometimes, but I have more loyalty to my readers than to my sponsors. If you can't take constructive criticism, then well-- get out of the business. My blog is not always written perfectly to a T, and if you find errors, (even 1,000 .. and you actually just might) point them out, and I'll have no hurt feelings. I will smile, and correct it and move on about my day! If I find flaws within your product just correct them.

So as I was saying, I was approved recently to do an E-Book review through Tomoson. It is a book about how to choose a cleaning robot. Of course, you probably realize I want to review this e-book, since this is a topic of huge interest to me. Since my husband and I plan on buying one very soon. Yet do not know which one to buy!

I normally do not review E-Books, unlike many other bloggers I will be straight up with you and tell you this is a hobby of mine, and I do love to blog about things, and I also do it for the free product. Yeah I said it, I like to get free products. OMG- who doesn't? Don't you *tsk-Tsk* at me for it. We all do! If not, then there would be no such thing as "freebies" and free samples. In fact, this business is so widely accepted that if companies do not give out free samples, they are sometimes shunned or will not get as far as a company who is willing to. That being said; I LOVE GETTING STUFF FOR FREE! There I said it, and I do feel better. But at the same time, you have got to realize, each post I write ties me to my computer for at least an hour usually 2, sometimes more. Sometimes I can sit up here for 6-10 hours (occasionally longer!) writing up these giveaways and product reviews. On that note- *ahem* I do not review books normally... but I have for Giana, but only very nice ones. And I will not do an e-book.

First of all, I don't agree with electronic reading of anything. Which is conundrum since I encourage you guys to read my blog digitally. Here's why: I read computer screen text all day, and I love to soak in the tub with an actual book. In fact, I bought 7 true crime books and 3 Harlen Coben book (awesome author check him out!)  yesterday from the flea market, 1$ each. Such a steal, since half of them were Ann Rule books. (Another favorite author of mine, if you have read her, you know why.) It takes me a long time to get a point across, huh? I apologize about that. Too much red and blue dyes in food I suppose.

(its a conspiracy!)

I do not own a "tablet" or an "E-reader " and I don't want to! I love my books, and I hate that they are phasing them out for digital ones. You have to "back them up" in case you get it wet- and if someone steals it... it is just gone. They cost way too much- the readers, tablets, and the e-books, and it is just absurd. If you leave your book on a park bench, you come back -its likely still there, but an e-reader? Kiss that stuff goodbye honey, cuz it cost a couple of hundred dollars. All the Blockbuster stores are closing, because no one wants to rent actual movies, and I fear books are likely next!
So go to a book store and purchase a book darnit, before they turn into 8 tracks, and our kids laugh at us for having "used to have read them".
So wait for it.. 

Here is what I thought of this book. 

I was very VERY VERY disappointed to see that ALL cleaning robots were not mentioned. One in particular I wanted to know more of. The info provided in the e-book, seems to be be more facts about their products and specs, which any person can find online. What I do not see is detailed in-depth opinions about each product as well as tests about things cleaned on which type of floors. She talks about batteries, which I could care less about, but I am sure is helpful to someone. She also talks about them as if she owns them,b ut the opinions are few and far between.I know that for us, with our deep (and very dirty) grout... I want to know which would be best for it. The Mint, the Scooba, The Roomba, or the Neato. Unfortunately this E-book costs over 11$ and doesn't mention any of that, so I am so glad I didn't buy it. If I paid that I would want opinions based on experience. You might as well not be lazy, scrounge up the info yourself using our good friend Google and this little thing called Amazon Reviews. Maybe its just that I am suspicious and untrusting, but I am pretty sure some of the Amazon reviews are left by the actual companies to bring up overall score and good reviews. But surely all of them cant be... especially the bad ones. I have spent a lot of time looking at them, and I think that the best one for us might be the Neato.

 I never even had heard of the Neato until I started googling different robots. Also in the book she doesn't mention who sells them the cheapest, or an average price (which I am sure would change constantly) who has the best warranty, which one breaks the most . Which robot is best for tile, linoleum, hardwood floors, carpet. Etc.  The E-book didn't quite cut it for me, it wasn't the information I was looking for. But it was well written, and informative. I say the price for the E-book, ($11) seems a little unreasonable and steep. The book wasn't too short, wasn't too long, weighing in at 24 pages.

If she is not selling very many, I would suggest she drop the price down, if even a little. I wouldn't pay $11 for any e-book or REAL book. Much less one only 24 pages long.  Unfortunately there is not giveaway for this book, nor did she offer you guys a coupon code. If any one has any personal experience with any of these robots on huge tiles and deep grout, I'd love to know. My entire first floor is covered in it. I'd hate to spend some 300+ dollars on a robot without having used it under my own living circumstances. If you are looking for a ton of handy information about Cat Litter Robots, it has that as well. Thanks for reading my review. Hopefully she will edit her book , include actual tests of each model, and different types of spills and pictures... and especially the robot that is missing: the Neato.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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