Friday, December 11, 2015

#HolidayGiftGuide Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys Who are Hard to Shop For #leftHanded or #rightHanded adjustable knife

About the Product
I was sent a Zero Tolerance Hinderer knife. Perfect for us, since I do have little patience and Zero Tolerance. I kid, I kid. But I'm serious too. This has got to be the coolest pocket knife I have ever seen. I have my share of pocket knifes, one I keep on my purse, and one in a sheath in my car. Why? Because, hey- you never know.. This one is way nicer than any I have ever owned. I LOVE this knife!

Anyway this is a "defender" knife a HINDERER, and to me knives are just for that. Defense & hindering. I am, not a big gun person, honestly they scare me, so a knife is perfect for me to defend myself. In addition, it's for more than just defnding yourself. A hunter could use this, or it makes a perfect gift for the hard-to-shop-for man in your life. Husband, father, son.. etc.
It is perfect for a blue collar workman to use on the job.
It has many uses and I love how rigid and just honmestly the quality of it. This particular model I was sent retail for 260$ - though they start as low as 69.95. See more Zero Tolerance knives.

Zero Tolerance knives are built tough enough to meet the needs of military, law enforcement, and other first responders. They'll handle whatever you throw at them, in real-world situations you face every day.
No excuses -- Zero Tolerance.
ZT knives take their name from the maker's unwavering commitment to quality, design and usability. Employing super steels and cutting-edge manufacturing, along with a form-follows-function approach to aesthetics, truly sets ZT apart from the competition.
Whether your purpose is duty, EDC or a combination of both, Zero Tolerance won't let you down.
These knives are unique in that they have instructions to change the clip to make it useable for a righty or a lefty (left handed people rejoice!)

PMD - personal microderm - get the great skin you've always wanted!

"We all know that various cosmetic procedures can help retain a youthful appearance, but when you consider the cost and the complications of most procedures, the requirements often aren’t worth the reward."

PMD Personal Microderm wants to change all that by making a youthful appearance accessible to everyone. And best of all, you can get great results from the comfort of your own home.

The PMD Personal Microderm is a genuine microdermabrasion device and, as such, can cause skin irritation and scabs if not used properly. From watching the video we will learn, among other things- not to stop the movement of the device. Secondly,you will need to use different discs depending on your skin sensitivity. Lastly-  never go above my cheekbone or below the eyebrow when using the device, since the skin in that area is so incredibly sensitive.

Who it's for...
Ideal for those with fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, skin discolorations, and other imperfections who want smooth, even-toned skin.

I was so surprised by this tiny devices suction power.. which is why when my best friend Courteney used it, she had issues with it. I am grateful that she reviewed it first. Since her skin is naturally prettier than mine, the last thing I want is to be worse. This little wand is no magic stick, it will not transform you into a supermodel with flawless skin. Nothing will. It is a long process. Skin turnover and exfoliation of dead skin cells is important for someone with frequent blemishes. The dead skin can be pore clogging and have dirt and oils that will clog your pores ever more than they naturally, or hormonally want to do. A good sulfur clay mask + this device should help a LOT!. I can't tell you what products to use after this. I am sure that you are supposed to use their products.. however- I was not sent them. I used the Queen Helene Mint Julep mask (I swear by it) and to moisturize, I use Ponds Cold Cream (green lid)  I noticed some slight irritation on my cheeks after and I think I would have been better off starting on my chin or another less sensitive area for my first time.  I was incredibly impressed by the soft and smooth feel of my skin afterwards, plus a few of my acne marks were gone.

Rock N' Learn educational DVDs Let's Learn to Read 10 DVD Collection #giveaway #bloggiveaway closes 12/21

My kids are a huge fan of the catchy and educational DVDs by Rock N Learn!

Combines material from our award-winning Letter Sounds, Phonics, and Sight Words DVDs into a comprehensive
reading program that’s easy to use!
Let’s Learn to Read is a series of 10 DVDs and optional activities that provide a fun way for kids to build reading skills, from beginners through second grade. Entertaining music, humorous characters, and engaging stories help learners stay focused. By covering phonics rules and sight words, this collection offers the best of both worlds. And it's sequentially paced to work well with our free worksheets. Learners move on from one DVD to another, as they are ready.
Phonics skills include vowels, consonants, blends, digraphs, diphthongs, silent consonants, rule breakers, and more. Over 170 sight words help build speed and accuracy for the most common words used in children’s literature.
Limited time  introductory offer!
reg. $129.95
10 DVD Collection

Busy parents love an approach that allows independent practice. Kids love a fun way to learn!
Fun songs and humorous characters help build reading skills.
Collaborative effort between educators and entertainers
Best for ages 4 through 7 and older kids with remedial needs
Also useful for parents looking to give their preschooler an early start
Sight words are the most common words found in children’s literature.
Phonics is a proven strategy for reading and spelling success.
Easy to use and sequentially paced

Run time: 30–45 minutes each
10 discs total
Printed and manufactured in U.S.
Bonus material includes free phonics worksheets and lesson extensions that go right along with the sequence of this comprehensive reading program.
Phonics for Beginners
First Sight Words
Phonics: Short Vowels, Consonants and CVC Words
Phonics: Double Consonants, Plurals and Blends
Sight Words
Phonics: Digraphs, Trigraphs and Silent E
Phonics: Long Vowels and R-Controlled Vowels
More Sight Words
Phonics: Diphthongs, Syllables and More
Phonics: Rule Breakers and Silent Consonants

Please note: This collection includes material from our Letter Sounds, Phonics, and Sight Words titles. If you want additional titles to build reading and writing skills, consider Read-Along Stories on DVD, Reading Comprehension, and Writing Strategies

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This giveaway will be the first giveaway I have done in a number of years.
It will close 12/21 at noon eastern.
Thanks again!

DISCLOSURE:  I was sent this 10 dvd boxed set for free in exchange for this post. The sponsor is obligated for prize fulfillment, I only expediate communication between the two and provide addresses.
Regardless all opinions are my own. #10dollarSale Everything greatly reduced in time for holidays

Do you ever just need to find the perfect gift for a little one, but don't know where to start?

Then let me reccomend this funky bright line of organic childrens clothes I have come to know and love. I have bought a few things from them in the past, and my children receieve numerous compliments about their attire.
10$ sale happening now! HURRY!
I had this gorgeous purple paisley collared dress for Devonny when she was smaller.. Oh. My. Goodness!!!
In any case, you should check out their sale if you have small children or small children to buy for this year. I love that this is a brand I can trust.

I scrolled through the sale, and I have a ten month old little boy.. Rowan!
This is my favorite item in their sale currently!

DISCLOSURE: I will recieve free item(s) for posting this. Regardless I do do love this brand and reccomend them to my readers.

Thanks for reading my blog.
Happy holidays y'all!