Thursday, November 19, 2009


im pregnant and haven't been very active on blogger- i got a little wore out of being on computer everyday- life got too monotonous, too "groundhog day" for me if you will.
now i have no desire to get on bc i know how many thousands of emails, my points, and surveys i have to go thru just to catch up, and its very discouraging. ntm the opportunities i have also missed.
anyway im about 11wks pregnant. Noah and Giana and I got to hear the babys heartbeat the other day- so far so good on ALL my tests, *phew* but doesn't mean im out of the woods yet. its not over till the baby pops out healthy if you ask me.
anyway im trying to rev myself up to get back on the computer.
im finally moving to the submarine base in a week.
so lookout ga- here i come!
to all those in Alabama who nvr come see me, plz don't proceed to text and comment me about how much "you miss me" noone ever comes to see me anyway! so wth? i should b back in march for my baby shower. but not until then.
thats all for now. toodles! :0