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#iLoveScience : Grains of sand on a beach #perspective #nothingreallymatters

Just kidding, but makes you realize just how tiny we are, and how short our lives are in comparison.

Putting things in perspective. We are tiny, really tiny
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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Vinny Vitos in Moody Alabama

 Delicious Italian food, sandwiches and cal-zones and salads. The pizzas; especially the appetizers are scrumptious. Also love the dessert menu, mainly because of the Tiramisu. 

In addition the decor is calming and inviting and I am impressed with the lunch specials as well. They have great drink specials all the time, just like their facebook page: Vinny-Vitos-Moody & peep their menu here.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I love that isn't a big chain corporation. There are too many of those and far too few of these.

Today I had a spinach and alfredo chicken calzone for 9.99 that came with salad, it was so big I couldn't finish but half of it.

So if you live in the Birmingham area, you should definitely try this place on for size!
Minutes from I20.

Plus say "Roll Tide" or "War Eagle" today and get 5$ off an order of 25 or more.
Call in for pick up, or better yet: Dine in tonight.

New York style Italian and steaks!

In 1942 Vincent Vitonelli left Brooklyn to serve as a Marine during WWII. As a Marine cook, he discovered that his family's meat sauce recipe was a big hit with his fellow Marines. Vinny never opened a restaurant, but his grandson did. A 20-year background in French and Italian cuisine has shaped the menu of freshly prepared Italian pasta dishes, authentic pizzas, and incredible steaks worthy of his grandfather's name. 
From the lasagna, the lobster ravioli, made-to-order calzones, to the hand-cut ribeyes, you are sure to taste the fresh, homemade touch that goes into each entrée. Fried artichoke hearts, eggplant Parmesan, and red velvet cheesecake are just some of the favorites at Vinny Vito's New York Italian and Steaks.

+1 205-702-6300

2333 Moody Pkwy, Moody, Alabama 35004

11:00 am-9:00 pm
11:00 am-10:00 pm
11:00 am-9:00 pm

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Friday, October 2, 2015

We want our food fast, convenient and cheap, but at what cost? As farms have become supersized, our environment suffers and so does the quality of our food.

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I want to give you a heads-up on the nationwide release of this new documentary from award-winning director Susan Rockefeller coming on Food Day on Oct. 24.
Food For Thought, Food For Life aims to start a conversation about what we eat and actions we can take on important food issues. "We want our food fast, convenient and cheap, but at what cost?" It has screened at film festivals around the world this year.

Newest Documentary From Filmmaker and Creative Conservationist Who is Using Short Films to Get More People Turned Onto Important Causes
FOOD DAY inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies through more than 8,000 events nationwide

Screening at From October 5-12 ahead of Nationwide Release; Entire Film Available for Screening Online at Media Sites Upon Request
WASHINGTON, DC – Every October 24, thousands of events all around the country bring Americans together to celebrate and enjoy real food and to push for improved food policies. This year Food Day is partnering with award-winning filmmaker, designer and philanthropist Susan Rockefeller to release her acclaimed new documentary Food For Thought, Food For Life for free online and in conjunction with thousands of events nationwide.
The mission of the 20-minute film – which was an official selection at the Short Film Corner at Cannes 2015 and at the 2015 Sarasota Film Festival and other top festivals – and its extensive nationwide outreach campaign is to start a conversation about the food system, bringing everyone to the table to address how we think about, produce, and choose what we eat, and to make lasting changes as individuals, communities, and for our earth as a whole.
“We are thrilled to partner with Susan Rockefeller on the online release of this remarkable film,” said Food Day campaign manager Lilia Smelkova. “By providing our partners at over 8,000 events nationwide with access to the film we can ensure Food Day will impact in even greater ways in 2015. This film is inspiring and will serve to energize those who will be participating in Food Day events across the country.”
“It’s an honor to partner with Food Day and to play a role in helping reach millions about the food issues that affect each one of us,” said Susan Rockefeller.
We want our food fast, convenient and cheap, but at what cost? As farms have become supersized, our environment suffers and so does the quality of our food. Food for Thought, Food for Life, a new documentary from director Susan Rockefeller (HBO’s Christopher Award-winning documentary Making The Crooked Straight, Planet Green’s A Sea Change) explains the downsides of current agribusiness practices, and also introduces us to farmers, chefs, researchers, educators, and advocates who are providing solutions. The film is both poetic and practical; its powerful examination of the connections between our planet and our well-being is accompanied by specific strategies that protect both. With an eye towards a sustainable and abundant future, it offers inspiration for communities that are ready to make a difference.
Punctuated by the words of environmentalist Wendell Berry, earth-inspired artwork, and uplifting music, the film highlights organizations and people doing things right. From the forward-thinking practices of Chef Dan Barber and Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture to guerrilla gardener Ron Finley’s transformation of urban neighborhoods, the ways we can start a revolution are varied and exciting.
“I sought out to develop a film that educates people about the negative impact our current methods of agriculture have on the earth,” said Rockefeller, a creative conservationist and social entrepreneur. “In addition to providing vital information, the film gives viewers the necessary tools to make a difference in their own lives. It explores the connection between the planet and our health and suggests that strengthening that connection will only benefit our future.”
“In everything I do – from my previous documentary Mission of Mermaids to my jewelry collections – my goal is to start a conversation about the things I’m most passionate about and empower people to take small actions that produce big changes,” Rockefeller continued. “Conversation leads to collaboration, and together we can find local and global solutions that help the planet and ourselves. Food Day is the perfect partner in our work to bring attention to these vitally important issues.”

Susan Rockefeller is a principal of Protect What Is Precious, a company that creates documentaries and inspires fashion accessories to elevate awareness about protecting what is precious to her: family, art and nature. Susan’s jewelry and accessories can be found at London Jewelers, Bernie Robbins, Takashimaya and on the company’s website. Her films have explored a range of contemporary issues, often using both real life heroes and those of myths to confront issues such as ocean acidification and the future of ocean health, PTSD and the use of music to heal, the confluence of race, poverty and illness, global food sustainability. The films have aired on HBO, PBS, and the Discovery Channel. Susan sits on the boards of Oceana, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, We Are Family Foundation and is a member of Natural Resources Defense Council Global Leadership Council. She received her undergraduate degree from Hampshire College and her master’s degree from NYU.
Food For Thought, Food For Life is a production of Protect What Is Precious. Susan Rockefeller established the Protect What Is Precious brand in 2013 to make the world a more loving, peaceful and healthy place by protecting family, art and nature. Food For Thought, Food For Life produced in association with Louverture Films, the film production company co-founded by Danny Glover and Joslyn Barnes. Rockefeller is a partner in the production company. The film features the music of Cloud Cult. This Minneapolis-based indie art rock group is led by Craig Minowa, who also heads up the environmentally-conscious Earthology Records.
Food Day inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies. EveryOctober 24, thousands of events all around the country bring Americans together to celebrate and enjoy real food and to push for improved food policies. October 24 is a day to resolve to make changes in our own diets and to take action to solve food-related problems in our communities at the local, state, and national level. In 2015, Food Day will have a special focus on greener diets as a way to address both health and environmental issues.
In 2014, Food Day reached hundreds of thousands of Americans through 8,000+ events across all 50 states. The hashtag #FoodDay2014 was used in 10,800 tweets with the potential to be seen 50.6 million times. Hundreds of national and regional media outlets from coast to coast covered Food Day  2014.
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