Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Glasstic shatter proof water bottle review

Glasstic Water bottle makes super neat shatter proof water containers. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing designer bottles, but you can rest easy knowing if they break they will not make a dangerous mess that can hurt your child.

I love that it has a lifetime warranty, so unlike other bottles that have leaky problems if such an issue ever arises you can rest easy knowing they will send you another. That's a unique offer that I'm sure not too many other companies can make.

The bottle we chose to review is the Love design featured in the images of this post.

Natural and organic deodorant Little Seed Farms #rafflecopter #giveaway 9/20

I discovered Little Seed Farm through a free sample website I can vouch for, though not sponsored or affiliated in any way, called TrySpree. They offer a free sample of their deodorant  ( plus shipping, you pay) and I was like why not?
So I ordered it.

If ordering Free Samples only:$1.99 shipping for one sample, $2.49 shipping for two.  If ordering other products, plus Free Samples:If you are ordering other products, adding samples to your order will not increase your shipping cost, making them completely Free!*

I got the rosemary patchouli scent and when it showed up in my mailbox I could smell it through the envelope. In my humble opinion, it smells like a hippie. I adore rosemary and love to roll fresh rosemary needles in my palms. The oil in the 'leaves' makes your hands and anything you touch smell good all day.
 Unfortunately - I killed my very expensive rosemary plant as I do not have green thumbs, I apparently have black thumbs. (RIP Mr. Rosemary bush :(  )
Patchouli I love, but not just any patchouli, not all is created "scentally" equal.  Some smells gross. Not Little Seed Farms though.
So in love I was with this deodorant and how good it made me smell not just one day, but throughout two. That I actually got online to their website I found out through a quick Google search this deodorant was available Target.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

#bct Things to do in Birmingham with children @bjCC @bct123org

I don't know about you, but I am forever looking for something fun, cheap, easy, and especially local- to do with my kids. Usually when you think BJCC, that is; the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center you think mostly adult themed activities, such as concerts or more recently, Paw Patrol visited there. But it would have been a little costly for the 5 of us to attend . At the tune of about 20 on average or more per ticket; it would've cost us over 100 to all go. I just don't usually have that kind of expendable funds. Like most, I live hand to mouth.
Although it would've been great to take them to that, you might not realize there are more things to do with kids at the BJCC. Today we attended a wee theatre showing that was around ten dollars per person.

This Saturday the 15th kicks off the public showing of the youth play of the Birmingham Children's Theater : Rumpelstilskin.
Showings : September 15th, 22nd & 29th @ 10:00 AM & 12:00 PM

My family got to attend a more private showing this morning, and we were blown away. Very ironically, my child's father and I had a discussion about this Brothers Grimm tale some years ago when I was pregnant  with our first child.
I remarked, "Rumplestilskin will take our first born!" To my amazement he replied "who?" He had never ever heard this fable before. Today I got to watch it with said baby our first born son, who is now 3 almost 4. So strange.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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