Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fruit Enzymes for skincare!, a leading independent retailer of professional strength, salon quality skin care products, has turned to the nature as the inspiration for its latest skin care product, FRUIT ENZYME Micro Scrub, which combines the natural benefits of papaya, mango, orange and pineapple fruit enzymes to soften and polish skin while brightening complexions.
Developed in the tropics, where fresh faces are always in and bright, clear skin is a must, FRUIT ENZYME Micro Scrub offers users a natural, effective and fragrant facial scrub that has visible effects after one use. FRUIT ENZYME Micro Scrub combines powerful microdermabrasion crystals, which gently but effectively exfoliate the top layer of skin and open pores, with a combination of tropical fruit extracts that combine to repair, moisturize and protect skin against a number of skin problems:
  • Papaya extract is known for its exfoliating properties, as well as its ability to reduce and attenuate freckles and skin spots caused by sun exposure. It is also widely used for its natural healing properties.
  • Mango extract is known for its moisturizing and skin conditioning capabilities. The antioxidants in found in mangos are able to repair damage caused to the skin by the elements and offer UV protection.
  • Orange extract has a mild bleaching property, which makes it an ideal ingredient for treating blemishes, dark spots and age spots. As a rich source of vitamin E, it also aids in the reduction and prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. Its astringent property tones skin and helps reduce acne and blemishes.
  • Pineapple extract offers both moisturizing and anti-aging effects, and the sugars and derivatives found in pineapple enhance skin’s elasticity, resilience and softness and are effective in removing damaged skin.
The result is fresh, toned skin with increased collagen production and minimized skin problems, from sun spots to fine lines and wrinkles. Sold on, FRUIT ENZYME Micro Scrub is a concentrated, safe scrub that skips the fillers and chemical additives to minimize skin irritation.
I think that the pineapple and orange extracts would help my skin, I am almost 30 and trying to be more proactive about my skin care routine for aging. I know I love pineapple enzymes they really seem to help my acne! Check them out!

FTC disclosure - I will be receiving a product sample from


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