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@PBJfoods #SAM + #charity: This Christmas consider helping others, such a small amount to you, can make such a BIG difference in the lives of others. #ad

Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) is the number one killer of children under five years of age. Nearly 20 million children around the world suffer from SAM.  In fact,  SAM kills 3.5 million children each year. That’s more than HIV, AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria combined.
 PB + J stands for peanut butter plus Jesus.
PB+J Foods Program Development Director Haley Hunsaker distributes PB+J fortified peanut butter paste to the parents of children suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition in Malawi, Africa. One jar of the paste is a therapeutic food treatment that will provide all of the nutritional requirements for one child for one day.  PB+J Foods distributed nearly 16,000 pounds of the paste during it first seventeen months of operation, enough to save the lives of nearly 1,200 children (see more

In March 2012, 5 unique individuals from Orange County, California got together and pooled their personal time and money to fight SAM in undeveloped nations.  In just 17 months, the non-profit organization they created, PB+J Foods, saved the lives of nearly 1,200 children in Malawi, Africa, who were suffering from SAM.
In March 2012, Stan Smith recruited his friends Brian Hunsaker, Donna Wertz, Heather Premac, and Haley Hunsaker, to create PB+J Foods, Inc., a non-profit organization designed specifically to eradicate Severe Acute Malnutrition in underdeveloped nations, like Malawi.

“To beat SAM we were going to have to do more than what typical humanitarian organizations do to feed the hungry,” Smith explains.  “We had to develop a way locally manufacture Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic-Foods (RUTF), to distribute RUFTs to remote villages, to provide locals with medical treatment and health care education, and we had to create a localized, self-sustaining economy that could provide for its people on an on-going basis.”

            From April 2012 to August 2013, they did exactly that … with their own money, on their own time, and with a few contributions from friends.  During the seventeen month period, the five members of PB+J Foods traveled to Malawi, Africa multiple times and accomplished the following:
·         Partnered with Nkhoma Hospital to create a RUTF manufacturing plant, to establish RUTF distribution sites, and to develop and operate medical and SAM treatment clinics throughout the region;
·         Created an educational program to provide villagers with basic knowledge about food safety and storage, malnutrition management, hygiene and sanitation, family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention, childcare, nutrition, and agriculture;
·         Began the formation of a local farmers co-op, intended to have at least 800 members, in order to grow local ‘ground nuts’, one of the most valuable nuts in the world, with Opportunity International Bank of Malawi, Afri-Nut, and World Vision which provides a cash crop for the local farmers, creating economic growth, and a steady supply of nuts for the RUTF peanut paste.

PB+J Foods has an ambitious goal for 2014. It is now working to secure financial donations to expand its infrastructure to: manufacture and serve RUTFs to 11,000 children suffering from SAM; to provide medical treatment to 1,000 children at Nkhoma Hospital and area clinics; to increase employment at the local PB+J RUTF production facility; and, to sell locally produced RUTFs on the open market to create revenues that will enable the PB+J programs in Malawi to become self-sustaining and provide RUTF products at no charge to their patients.  Donations may be contributed at or by calling 949-702-3187.  

PB+J Foods is a non-profit organization designed to eradicate Severe Acute Malnutrition in underdeveloped nations. Their programs provide specially fortified foods for children suffering from SAM, medical treatment, and health education to those in need. Moreover, the programs they have developed help build local self-sustaining economies that can eventually provide the necessities of a better life in the future.

 PB+J Foods White Board Animation

Please consider contributing to this great cause. If ever there was a charity I feel proud to stand behind it is this one. Do the right thing this holiday season and give the gift that keeps giving. Life. Anything can help so donate now. Even as little as 1$, but I would hope you'd consider giving up a value meal or two and donate a little more. To help one child is 30$, a family is $100 and you can also donate $500 if your feeling extra generous.
PB+J Foods Program Development Director Haley Hunsaker gathers children in Malawi, Africa to prepare for distribution of PB+J fortified peanut butter paste. One jar of the paste is a therapeutic food treatment that will provide all of the nutritional requirements for one child for one day.  PB+J Foods distributed nearly 16,000 pounds of the paste during it first seventeen months of operation, enough to save the lives of nearly 1,200 children.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BlogDash and PB + J Foods. Regardless all opinions are my own.


I am proud to introduce to you a replacement for all those costly and unhealthy, sugar laden energy drinks you all can't seem to shake the habit of!  It's called Gung-Ho!  

GungHo has been vetted by the smartest brain scientists and medical professionals in the world:
  "PROVEN focus & concentration...builds neurotransmitters...unlike energy shots or drinks..."
  - Dr Perry Renshaw, MD, PhD, Director @ The Brain Institute @ The University of Utah

I was sooo impressed with the ingredients list!

Read on to find out some useful info the brand wants me to share, then at the bottom my opinion of this neat little travel friendly energy shot!
2013 is the Year of the Brain! Based on exciting new research, GungHo is an all-natural brain supplement shown to improve focus and concentration now as well as improve memory recall and brain health over time.

GungHo is balanced across all major neurotransmitter categories (not just the sympathetic nervous system like energy drinks). Increases beta-endorphines (science calls them "happy hormones"). Mild appetitie suppressant with no sugar, carbonation or calories.

GungHo has been covered in  AllThingsD, the WSJ, Time Magazine, Wired etc. Read over 700 customer reviews or study the science if you want more information.

Get lean & improve endurance

GungHo can offer energy once your muscles are tired, for those last reps or sprints (increased choline supports the re-synthesis of muscle). You'll typically stay “in the zone” longer, just like sensei says you should.
GungHo can also increase the level of neurotransmitters to increase your ability to metabolize fat and even help to suppress your appetite. Hunh? It'll help you lose weight, grasshopper.
No sugar. No carbonation. 4 calories. All killer, no filler.
Learn More 



There's a dangerous epidemic:  Black-market "focus/study-drug" addiction (class-A addictive like Cocaine)...or energy drink-overload by overwhelmed students and moms who need a focus/productivity/energy boost. 1 in 4 college students take illegal ADHD (focus) drugs to finish papers/ace tests. Moms just struggle to get through the day.

Women, especially Moms, are the busiest people in the world; typically more tired and worn-out than men. So why are 85% of the consumers of energy supplements male? Female physiology experts have explained that Caffeine & B Vitamin overload is a nightmare physiologically for women.


I am a coffee addict! Can't live without it. I have to have my caffeine. But the more coffee I drink, the more tolerance I seem to get to it's effects. Drinking more used to help, but now I worry about all those unnecessary calories and sugar! Don't drink your calories! Plus, it doesn't seem like coffee is even doing anything anymore. Time to move onto a new product! But taking care of two young kids and when you add the fact that I am an insomniac can having tiring results that drag me down throughout the day! Needless to say I was slightly skeptical. I being I myself tried GungHo and didn't know what to expect! I found it to be surprisingly tasty and gave me an excess boost of energy, a pick me up that lasted from when the mail ran, (because of course I drank it right away!) until I went to bed. It did not have any ill side effects and also didn't kep me up!  If you look on the product's website you'll find that they have a great free sample* offer. So try it now risk free! The free trial-pack to my readers with this link: You just pay $2.99 shipping and get a free 3-pack. Tell them Locomotion of Expressions sent you! I love that if your a social bee (like Me!) you can earn 15$ towards the purchase of your Gung-Ho order with their sharing program, which is super easy! If you have tried it, comment below what you thought of it! Talk to me! Thanks for continuing to read Locomotion of Expressions!

On Twitter: @GungHoFocus

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. Your experience with the product may differ from mine. The sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment and will be shipping the winner(s) their prize(s). For more information read my rules/disclosure policy.

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Charm your arm by using personal photos, magazine pictures, internet images or the included preprinted art cards to assemble bracelets that are totally you! Image Bracelets tell a story, serve as inspiration, and let you keep close at hand your amazing adventures and favorite friends. This one kit is the perfect way to express yourself and share with the people you care about!

Now you’re asking yourself—how do you use your own photos to make an image bracelet?

There is a free MyPhotosizer app  that allows kids to easily upload and crop photos to a 4x6 card then simply print from a home printer or from a local photo center. The enclosed cutting mechanism safely trims images precisely to size and fingers never come into contact with the cutter. QVC's Deluxe My Image Bracelet  at 1pm EST.

Maker makes 2 more bracelets and includes extra orange, red, white and clear glitter tiles and 2 additional holiday image sheets, not found in any other My Image Bracelet Maker kit!

With the holidays right around the corner, don’t forget to tune into this QVC exclusive deal on December 11th at 1pm EST during Gifts for Grandkids! 

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Mariah Carey Feat KrayzieBone & Wish Bone

My FAVE Mariah Carey song, she looks smokin in this video!

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@SheSpeaksUp check out my @LancomeUSA #DreamTone #review #ad

@shespeaksup is a VERY cool site that hooks me up with products from time to time. I was tickled pink that they wanted to send me an almost $100 face cream. Apparently I need it, I'm so "old" ...  ugh.

Haha. Ok- being that I do have daily stresses and I'm a 30 year old woman- it is time to start being more proactive about my skin. But my skin is also very sensitive. To be honest lotions freak me out. Why? Because they usually break me out and clog my pores. I have learned the hard way that my skin does better without them. But how to fight aging without lotions? I don't know if you can. Enter Lancome. Lucky for Lancome, it did not break out my skin. *phew!* I was worried! Because they can/have. Especially fragranced unnatural ones. But I thought I'd give it a try and I'm glad I did.

Dreamtone is a skin tone corrector. it is supposed to fade blemish spots/scars and brighten dull skin. Does it work? Yes.

About Lancôme DreamTone: DreamTone is the next generation in dark spot correction. This customized skin tone correcting serum is so powerful, 72% of women dare to bare their skin.* The new DreamTone is 3 barely-tinted serums formulated to visibly correct dark spots, color imperfections and give you a more even-looking skin tone. It comes in 3 serums customized for your skin tone: 1- Fair, 2 – Medium, 3 – Dark.

The results:

• 74% saw glowing skin*

• 70% noticed a more even skin tone*

• 69% saw the appearance of dark spots reduced*

• 78% saw color imperfections reduced*

*All results based on global self-assessments of women of multiple ethnicities in an 8-week study. 72% reflects 8 weeks of use.

How to Use: For best results, apply the product twice per day, in the morning and evening under your moisturizer.

Purchase Information: Lancôme DreamTone retails for $98 for a 1.3 fl oz. bottle and is available for purchase at Lancô and department stores nationwide.

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18$: 16in gold toggle chain w the 24$ locket: MEDIUM SILVER LIVING LOCKET® WITH CRYSTALS I think the gold chain and the contrasting silver blinged out locket look great together!!

The charms are 5$ each, and I got 6 
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A pink heart jewel (which is the birthstone for opal (oct) but I am using it as a accent stone/piece
 a cutesy lil Gold owl. I added a PINK CRYSTAL CROWNCowgirl Boots, a RED Crystal Stone and last but not least these adorable red Lips  ($30 or 5$ per charm x 6 charms)

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Big Sean - Dance

You got everybody in here, OH MY GOSHIN!
Girl you talk too much, SHUT-UP!~

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Anywhere modern that you live, will need air filters! But which ones are best? If you suffer from, or someone in your household suffers from allergies to dust, pet dander and more then you should check out these very efficient Lysol Air Filters which are recommended for allergies.  
The one thing I found ,most helpful about this brand and could appreciate the fact that they are widely found throughout the country, I found mine at Lowes last year on the last blog review I wrote for them!

I have a coupon code though, if you prefer to purchase online, it can be even more time-saving, and the The 20% off code is CASEY20.   My readers can purchase the filters through the following link:

  • I wanted to also share with you that they currently have a Rafflecopter contest for a year’s supply of Lysol Air Filters that will run from November 18th- December 6th.  You will need to ‘like and share’ the Lysol Air Filters Facebook page to be entered into the contest.  The link for the Rafflecopter contest is: You can just click that link to open in a new tab/window if the widget is not showing up on my blog (below.).

You wouldn't want to use anything less than a quality air conditioner filter, especially since you have to breathe to live. What circulates air daily around your house should also serve a purpose of putting out clean air, and cleaning the air that is circulating, agree?

 That's why just any old air conditioner filter is no good!

@rafflecopter: 4 movies to add under your tree! #HolidayGiftGuide #DespicableMe2 & #theLittleMermaid 2 disc set! + #giveaway for #MickeyMouseClubhouse HOLIDAYS '13

  You guys know I review all kinds of movies. Usually kids movies, because my kids are obsessed with great movies! I recently reviewed Monsters University, and recommended it for a gift, and I have a few more to share with you!
New releases rock, and my kids get really excited about them!  Here are a few that my kids really liked!
BUT, before we even get started on that. Our first movie we want to tell you about, has it's MINIONS bus visiting cities (possibly even near you!) Check out the list below to see!

In celebration of Despicable Me 2 coming to Blu-ray and DVD on December 10th, Universal Studios Home Entertainment is letting loose Minion Mobiles in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Philadelphia! 

Don't live in these cities? No worries as there are other fun initiatives happening around the country. Check back to this page to see what is happening in your area:

The Minion Mobiles will be distributing fun Despicable Me 2 prizes and other surprises including a Minion Island Vacation to Hawaii!

Looks out for the trucks in these cities:

  • LA – three weeks (Starting in just a few days on 11/25)
  • NYC – three weeks (Starting Week of 11/25)
  • CHI - 2 weeks (Starting Week of 12/2)
  • PHI - 2 weeks (Starting Week of 12/2)
  • **************************

#1 Favorite so far! - DESPICABLE ME 2

So if you don't know what the minions are, they are from Despicable Me 2, which hit theaters earlier this year! Although we didn't get the chance to see it in theater's it made a great rainy day movie! The fabulous folks at ClickComm sent me this BluRay combo pack feature and my kids have been watching it non-stop since. I think it would make a perfect stocking stuffer! Pre-Order it NOW on Amazon for only $23.96 with free shipping!   We have absolutely loved Steve Carrell and his adorable little orphans/daughters! "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" This movie nor this Blu-Ray DO NOT disappoint!

• Three All-New Mini-Movies Starring the Minions—Introduced by Gru
- Puppy
- Panic in the Mailroom
- Training Wheels

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Go Bible's Animates cost only 49.95 in version PUPPY Dog or Teddy BEAR

Love this Bible Bear

SHARE YOUR FAITH WITH ANI-MATES! Ani-Mates are animated stuffed animals that bring wholesome Bible stories to life. Choose from a cute bear or an adorable puppy. Both come preloaded with over 35 Bible stories and songs and are great for bedtime or anytime!
Better news, if you buy now, you'll get it in time for Christmas! I think this would make the PERFECT wholesome holiday gift for any child. Particularly one who loves learning about our lord, Jesus. I got the chance to review this bear and I gotta say I am very impressed!  I love its message and how soft and cute it is!!  It is so cool to plug it into your smartphone too- watch it come to life! Check out the video below!!! 
I loved that this toy is not your typical talking toy that says typical phrases, toys like this are hard to come by. Definitely a unique and thoughtful gift!
OR you can enter to win one, by liking the sponsors Facebook page HERE, and leaving a comment saying you did so!  Use the widget to complete your entries, the widget chooses the winner from entries placed on it, although the entries listed in the blog post are all mandatory to win, just BC you have an entry on the widget- if it doesn't have a comment to match it, it will not be picked. Entries heavily mandated.

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Items I will be reviewing on #LocomotionOFexpressions from Dancing Lockets #origamiOwl
18$: 16in gold toggle chain w the 24$ locket: MEDIUM SILVER LIVING LOCKET® WITH CRYSTALS I think the gold chain and the contrasting silver blinged out locket will look great together!!

The charms are 5$ each, and I will get 6

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#chickensoupforthesoul Blurb Chicken Soup for the Soul #chickensoup4thesoul

Blurb Chicken Soup for the Soul

Blurb's Chicken Soup for the Soul Book**

It can be really hard buying books for people as gifts. After all, you never know just which books they already have. And then when you do find the right book and give it to them, how do you make it really personal? Put in a book plate? Write an inscription? How do you make the whole thing totally them?

These personalized “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books are one really great way to do it. Not only do you get to choose from five different story themes (from “Christmas Stories” to “Giving thanks”), you can personalize it in ways you just can’t with a conventional book. As the title suggests, these are stories meant to comfort and heal. 

Your custom “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book will truly be a book for them because the book is printed with their name on the cover, as the recipient. And it’s truly from you because your name is printed on the cover as the giver. You can even include an inscription inside the book and on the back cover. Even add a photo to the back. 

There are other nice options to choose from, like the type of cover you’d like and the type of paper. It takes just about five minutes to make it a truly custom book. And chances are, it’s something they’ll love forever. And a 60-page book starts at just $24.95.

There’s a quick video here: Chicken Soup for the Soul that shows you how to fill in all the info using a simple online tool. The books are all done by Blurb, so you know the quality is going to be great. 

Get started here: Blurb's Chicken Soup for the Soul Book 

I hope you enjoyed my sponsored post for Blurb! **There are affiliate links in this post (Disclosure)
@ChickenSoupSoul loves