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If you would like us to review your product or conduct a giveaway with us, please e-mail davisc9333 (at) yahoo (dot) com.  OR use the form below. Thanks!
Many times we also share products we love with our readers. They are truly items we come across that we like, and want others to know about. We will make the distinction between items we find and product reviews.

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Welcome to Locomotion of Expressions!  I like to help my readers find new interesting products that may help make their lives easier.  My readers values my reviews as a way to gauge how a product, book or service will help them in their own daily lives.

I also am open to doing giveaways along with the reviews. Giveaways are a great way to create buzz about the product, book or service that you are trying to get word out about. They also allow me to reward my readers. Giveaways provide a win-win relationship that is beneficial to both me, to my readers, and to the company who manufactures the product. I do a lot of work when it comes to hosting giveaways so if I do not also receive a product in return I would like to be compensated. I spend quality time on each the giveaway post, promoting the giveaway and ending it. Sometimes it can take me up to 3 weeks to evaluate and get around to a post. Sometimes I have a very full review calendar and sometimes a very empty one. Reviews have been posted in as little as 3 days of receipt. Please understand however that a few things need to be clear at the get-go. if I have directed you to this post after an initial contact it is because you have not provided me with enough info. REVISED *1/23* I will NOT ask permission for things I post or say about your products. Nor will I email you for approval. If I were to do that- it would compromise the honestly I pride myself in sharing with my readers. 

Information I will need:
Links and anchor text?
How long you prefer the giveaway to run? If no preference, please state so.
Countries winning prize will be shipped to?
Entry methods preferred.. IE: facebook likes.. questions.. twitter follows.. etc. ?
Winning prize arv value (shipping costs also considered with this number)?
Will there be any obligation of shipping costs for the entrants?
Please let me know if you want info to be strictly provided by you, like a press release - or my opinions only.
Please direct me if you want an interview with the review as well.. what questions or form you want the interview to shape.
Please know I am not a mind reader. The terms of the review need to be laid out before shipment please.
Images ...

PS - 

 Also please promote it via your company facebook wall. I've found there are more click throughs from Facebook when the company posts, it shows up in fans news feed, vs when I post to your facebook, one will only see it if they go to your page and scroll. Even still most companies facebook have their walls default settings to show only their posts to visitors, unless visitors click "most recent", they wouldnt even notice the link I post. Perhaps you already know this, just thought I'd share just in case

Reviewing and Sponsoring Giveaways Guidelines:  I love to review various products that are in the market. I will provide my honest opinion when trying out a product, so samples provided are non-returnable. I feel this is the only way to give a full and honest review to our readers. When sponsoring a giveaway, I do require that my sponsor ship directly to the winners.

There are some fees associated with Reviews and Giveaways:
  • Reviews and Giveaways -requires a full size non-returnable item for review
  • Review only -requires a full size non-returnable item for review
  • Giveaway only -contact us for details
  • Promotional post - contact us for details.
  • Featured Post- contact us for details

Before I post the review I must have time to test out the product before I review to make sure that I feel comfortable sharing the product with my readers. If for some reason I receive a product and truly feel that it is not something that would be beneficial to my readers, I will share that opinion with them, constructively, and point out that it is only my opinion, its weak spots, and it's strong points..
I will also be looking for your response to the post. I will email you a link- and I will need you to reply back as soon as you get the link, that all the links, anchor text and information is correct.  (I am only human) I need to know you saw it as well... More importantly than that though, is a response that the winner (in the case of a giveaway) information was received. Also an email that it was shipped.. when it is..
In addition - it is helpful for the sponsor (you) to post a link to the post on your social networks. I usually do, but sometimes don't have time and/or might forget. Even when I am the poster though, it won't show up on your fans' news feed unless you post it there. They only see mine, if they happen to visit your page (and they might not.)

Advertising: We are always open to accepting paid advertising on our blog such as banners, 125×125 buttons,  and Text Links. Don’t see your ad size, feel free to contact us for more information and a quote.

If you think that you have a product, book, or service that would be enjoyable to me and to the people who read Locomotion of Expressions, please do not hesitate to contact me via the email listed above. For your convenience you can also use the contact form above.

PLEASE NOTE: Providing a product for review does not automatically guarantee that your product will be published on Locomotion of Expressions. As a general rule of thumb, and I hate to say this- but blogging is extremely time consuming:
(Please do not mail me something of extremely low value... I had a company who makes bows- send me one bow.. this might not offend other bloggers.. but it did bother me)
Also- this is not written in stone, But the more expensive the item is.. the more words are in the post. A 150-250 word post is equivalent to a 10$ arv review. Giveaway terms/instructions are not counted; only the review paragraph.
20-40$ arv = 400 words 
50-60$ arv = 450 words
70-80$ arv = 500 words
80-90$ arv = 550 words
90-100$ arv =  600 words
100-200$ arv = 650 words
200-400$ arv = 700 words
400-600$ arv = 750 words
600 -800$ arv = 800 words
$800-$1000+ arv = 900+ words. (This post has 920 words, to give you a roundabout idea of length.)
This is not always the case, but more of an average of what to expect.
Usually it will go over.... Sometimes if I am really excited about a great product, I will go on and on. You never can tell.

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But I do want to thank you for stopping by and I look forward to working with you soon!

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