Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weight Loss Tea: A Big NO?

Weight Loss Tea: A Big NO?

Considering weight loss tea as your way to get a fabulous body? Do you really think, only sipping tea at regular interval will shed off those excess flab and give you a beach body? Seriously, why would you want to believe in something as unreal? The entire world knows that no one can possibly lose weight simply by drinking some “herbal” or “chemically accentuated” tea. It all may sound really easy, but it is not. A number of advertisements on T.V. and newspapers make the entire idea of losing weight that simple.

Think for a moment. You enjoyed your time, went all out, stuffed with junk food and put on weight. Alternatively, hormonal problems resulting from heath disorders, could have contributed to your weight gain. But, only a health disorder cannot be blamed for the weight gain in entirety. In most cases, it was a contributing factor. Do you think the clothes that would never fit you before, all of a sudden will if you drink the “Weight Loss Tea?” Oh, and you’ll look even better after losing those extra calories and pad of fat at the most unwanted places on your body. Don’t tell me you never fell into these traps laid by the companies trying to sell their TEA! It all seems very inviting. But there’s a certain fact you must know – Nothing in life comes that easy way.

You can actually see this being implied to many facets in your life. And it holds true in this case nonetheless. Think about it. Now, no matter how convincing they sound, it isn’t true. Yes, you would love to know, you could drink tea and shed weight miraculously. But, it’s hardly the case! T.V. commercials will have lovely advertisements of many brands, which contain herbal products in the tea, giving you the desired result. And they even have the audacity to “guarantee” that this tea will help you lose X kgs in about X weeks. How is that humanly possible? Simply by drinking tea? The idea itself sounds wrong!

Understand one fact. Weight loss tea, is just the normal tea, with a different fermentation procedure. However, it’s not a solution to weight loss, but a complimentary add-on to your weight loss efforts. So, a simple derivation – Stick to old habits of exercising and controlling your diet, rather than expecting some product to help you lose weight miraculously, even after having a big bar of chocolate everyday! Yes, it’s a well-known fact that this tea improves metabolism, reduces carb digestion, burns fat and has numerous other health benefits. But, considering it as a magical wand for weight loss, doesn’t work.

So, what works? That’s a question that one must ask. This tea does help with weight loss, but not the sole aid to achieve it. That’s the only difference. A balanced weight loss meal plan, healthy eating habits, regular exercise, adequate sleep and an active lifestyle, are the most important characteristics required, to gain desired results with it. When this is combined with tea, it works wonders and speeds-up the weight loss process.


Consuela Vanantwerp said...

That was a very interesting take, Casey! And I do agree with your point that weight loss teas serve as an aid for one’s weight loss, and it is not a permanent solution. Drinking them in moderation and coupling them with proper exercise and diet can help you achieve the weight that you desire. Thank you for sharing your insight! (Consuela Vanantwerp )

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