Friday, November 11, 2011

Did the Kardashians go to school?

The Kardashian name is a household name that everyone knows about. They are a family that is in the spotlight more and more everyday. They are business savvy women that are taking the fashion world by storm. Many wonder how they rose to such great fame and fortune. They have a popular television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians that is hilarious to watch. With all of there fame―I wondered where they got their education. 

Kim Kardashian, probably the most well-known of the Kardashians, did not go to college. She became famous when a sex tape that she made with her boyfriend Ray J became famous on the internet. Instead of letting that keep her down, she has become on the most successful business women to date. She has created a fashion line, wrote a book, had her tv show, and got married to She attended a catholic high school where one of here classmates was Paris Hilton.

Khloe Kardashian is the 3rd oldest Kardashian. She is married to Lamar Odom. She also when to the same high school as Kim did. She has created a fashion line and also has had many business ventures with her other sisters. 

Robert Kardashian, who is the only male in the family, graduated from University of Southern California. He graduated from the Marshall School of Business in May 2009. He is a businessman that is currently working on fledgling startups. 

Kourtney Kardashian, the oldest Kardashian, attended Southern Methodist University for two years. She then moved to Tucson, Arizona, and attended the University of Arizona. She graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Spanish. She has a child with her boyfriend. Kourtney and Rob are the only Kardashian siblings, so far, who have attended and graduated from college.

To see that some of these starts have attended college is exciting. They are inspiring teens and people across the country to go to school. They are also very successful businesswomen. It is great to see women taking the spotlight and doing so many things. 

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Neltje Maynez
 is a freelance writer for Colleges and Careers helps people determine if an online education is right for them, helps them understand how they can find the best online colleges, and which ones they can choose from to reach their goals. 


EmeraldandJade said...

I think it's interesting that Kim and Paris went to hs together and then Kim became her stylist. I didn't know Kourtney majored in theater at UofA. Glad she stuck it through. Seems like lots of celebs who reach stardom before college age either don't go or drop soon after.

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