Thursday, November 10, 2011

3Bar's All Natural + Organic/Kosher health bar review

 3BAR is formulated to be a balanced, all-natural energy bar that is diabetic-friendly, safe for hypoglycemics, vegans and vegetarians, and is the best food for energy.. 3BAR is also a Kosher product.
3Bar's creator Erin DeMarines - sent me samples of their products to try last month. I have been so busy with family troubles, and Noah being deployed, I am just now getting around to them. Unfortunately several others sponsors who have reviews due from me as well. This is a first time (hopefully only time) occurrence, and do apologize profusely for any inconvenience caused by this.
That being said- this will be my last small product review. I have a new blogging rule that as this blog gets bigger I cannot appease all sponsors. This means for potential sponsors that I will no longer being doing product reviews, such as this one for items under 20$.

3bar sent me one of each flavor of their bars! I love that these bars contain Omega 6, because it is rare to find it in foods. It can also be helpful in losing weight, which is why 3bar makes the perfect on the go snack. My favorite was the Tropical bar, as you can taste the coconut in it very strongly. It also has almond butter in it!

Second favorite bar was the Cocoa, because I love chocolate. It also has peanut butter in it, although I couldn't really taste it. My least favorite bar was the blueberry, but like I always say- "Just because I didn't care for it, doesn't mean you will feel the same." Especially when it comes to food. Blueberries are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which supply essential energy! Studies have also shown that adding blueberries to your diet can improve your memory!! So knowing that - I ate it anyway! It wasn't bad, just not the best as far as flavor goes of the three. I honestly wish they would have sent me more than the three they sent, because Giana also wanted to taste all of them, and I had to share them. *sad face*

In any case the bars texture is slightly soft, but really more crunchy. It would be in the middle really. It is very moist & scrumptious. I love health bars and how you can eat them on the run. If you want to see how healthy they are, just scroll down for the nutrition info.

" 3BAR isn't filled with unnecessary ingredients. In fact, it's engineered to contain exactly what your body needs to re-fuel. Many of the bars on the market today are loaded with chemicals and therefore lack balance. 3BAR is a balanced nutrient-dense product to give you the most energy, and you will feel naturally energized from it! And the best part about 3BAR, it TASTES good!!!  "

Here are the nutrition facts from one of the bars (they do not vary too differently) this one is from the Cocoa Bar!

1 Bar costs
A box of 15 costs

You can also purchase by calling this number: 
877.433.4836 | Purchase 

Makers of 3bar! the energy bar designed for athletes by athletes and the best tasting bar on the market!
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3 Bar sent me a few samples of their products to try. I am not being endorsed for this product review, and all opinions are 100% mine.
I make a pledge to always be 100% honest with my readers, no matter whether my opinions be good or bad, they are my opinions. Not everyone feels the same way about different products. In addition- Locomotion of Expressions will not be held liable for costs if you are to purchase a product I said I liked, and your opinions differ.


Christian said...

Great review! I don't have a favorite bar, so I always grab whatever catches my eye. It's been a bust more than half the time. I'll have to check these out though.

P.S. I feel really dumb that I didn't know Omega 6 even existed. But since it's like Double Omega 3, I'm guessing it's awesome! :-P

Anonymous said...


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