Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Auntie Annes ♥ At-Home Baking Kit Review!

If you shop at malls, there is no way you haven't seen an Auntie Annes. Chances are- you've probably eaten at one too! I myself- am not big on pretzels. Let me re-phrase that.. rewind! I used to not be a pretzel fan. I know that when you get older your tastes change some. Although I still do not like thin, plain, crunchy pretzels, I do like pretzel pieces with seasoning. I also really like soft pretzels. That's why when Auntie Annes was looking for bloggers for their home bake kit, I jumped on-board that train. A carb junkie I am. I enjoy cooking and teaching Giana to cook, but I decided to be a spectator this time, and let my friend who was in from out of town; Becky, do all the baking for me. With the help of Giana of course. We decided to tackle the Pretzel Dog Recipe because that's the one Giana wanted to try!

Please forgive a few of my pictures, we didn't realize until after the fact some flour and yeast had gotten on the lens. Oops! Still cute though, my camera was on the front lines! :) Tee-hee!
So- please check out our pictures, and I'll share with you this simple recipe plus our opinions of the outcome!

Anne's special recipe, just for at-home baking. Mix, twist, and bake 10 Original or Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels or 15 Pretzel Dogs. Available at participating storesand select retailers.
Download baking instructions in English
or Spanish.
Mix it up!

Gigi gets her hands dirty!
Silly face time!
Wow! That's a crazy face Gigi!
Gigi helps, and it's not Shake & Bake.
Alright, now we have to let the yeast rise!
The ingredients
Closeup picture of the dough
Pretzel + Dogs = Yum!~
Let's finish these bad boys!
Roll it out!
Chef Giana
1 down, 7 to go!
I plead the 5th.
Get it Becky!
We used the remaining dough to make pretzels.
I didn't realize it would make that many!
Don't they look yum?
We underestimated how much the dough would rise
But they look pretty!
They rose more than we thought they would!
They were so yummy!
They were gone the very same night!
Pretty Part II
Devonny loves them too!

Final  thoughts:
Very yum! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed them and Giana and Becky did a very good job making them! They weren't hard to make at all, though it did take some time and patience, but good things are worth the wait! If I saw this kit in a store, I would definitely purchase it again, and definitely also use one of the recipes you can find on their website online for this kit!

I wrote this review while participating in a Blog Friendly PR campaign on behalf of Auntie Annes. I received a sample for my participation, all opinions are my own!


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