Friday, November 18, 2011

#heelys review by Giana & Casey

What are Heelys

Heelys are the original shoes with wheels in the heels.  This allows users to easily transition from walking to skating by shifting their weight to the heel.  We picked out a pair of Heelys for Giana, because my feet are so massive, they didn't come in my size.  Well, not that I saw being offered for the bloggers.  Giana also has really big feet. Even though she is only 6 years old, we ordered her a Size 1!  Crazy, right?  

I was supposed to post a video of Giana skating in the Heelys, but she has yet to figure out how to do it.  She tries hard, god bless her.  But she is psyching  herself out, I think.  She'll get it eventually though I am sure!

I chose the style "Dash" (above) for Giana, because they are black, and wont show dirt.  Plus they have rainbow colors on the shoe lace thread holes.  They are really girly and I just knew she would like them.  I was right!!  Giana was so excited when it arrived in the mail.  She put the wheels in herself.  Even switching the shoes from skates to regular shoes were easy and took only a minute.  She got a meat hammer (LOL!) and pounded them right in.  They come with a little tool to pry them in and out. 

The shoes themselves are a little bit heavy, compared to regular shoes. Giana has yet to notice it. I can only get her to try for about 10 minutes, and when she gets a skinned elbow/knee/fill-in-the-blank.. well that's it for that day.  She's a little princess don't you know? :)


Giana has gotten quite a few skinned up knees and elbows with these new shoes.  See, she doesn't know how to skate on regular skates (yet) and with Noah deployed..  I just don't have the pateince to teach her.  I get super frustrated.  It is not one of my strengths. 

Her little friend next door, who is 2 years older than her and knows how to skate, is attempting to help her learn.  So maybe eventually she will get it!  I love the new design and looks of the shoes, because I remember when they first came out with them.  They are still as popular as they ever have been.  When Heelys first came out, they were very expensive.  But they are not anymore,  With the Christmas sales going on.. you should definitely consider buying your child a pair.

I also liked these two styles!

Click here: Heelys Playbook

It is filled with basic information so that you can ensure that you are using your Heelys safely and can enjoy them. Please remember to ALWAYS wear your safety gear.

Heelys Black Friday special!!!
November 25th until November 28th
Buy a pair of Heelys and get the second pair for $25
Or buy a Nano and get a pair of shoes for $25
AND get free shipping on all orders!

As a member of  Business to Blogger I received and pair of Heelys for free in exchange for a review. All opinions in the this review are that of my own and have not been paid by anyone for my opinions.


Christian said...

wow,those are some mean battle wounds! I think this is a neat gift, but yes the spills might cost a nasty scab.

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