Thursday, November 17, 2011

Desktops Vs. Laptops: Power or Convenience?

Desktops Vs. Laptops: Power or Convenience?

In the great debates about electronic gadgets and which is better than the other, desktops and laptops possess no immunity. On either side of the argument, there are people adamantly for or staunchly against, and then there are the fence sitters: People who aren't really sure which is better, and may need more evidence to help them make up their minds. Which one is really better: The desktop PC or the laptop?


Desktop computers obviously possess certain physical limitations that put them at a disadvantage to laptops. Obviously, you cannot simply pick them up and take them with you. They're big, bulky, heavy and probably break more spectacularly if dropped. Add to that all of the wires and peripheral equipment like the monitor, modem and router, and you can see why they're just not practical for portable use.

On the plus side, desktops are definitely more powerful. Their power supplies are better capable of providing the energy required of more powerful components. Because of their cooling potential, they can handle graphics quality and processor speeds that laptops simply can't, and therefore make ideal gaming machines.

Desktops have more customization options, too. You can buy a factory made PC that comes ready to use, or you can go the extra mile and build one yourself. This allows you to set it up for expandability, compatibility and custom capabilities. You can give a desktop any specs you wish. It would be impractical or impossible to build a custom laptop due to the constraints of cases, batteries and other hardware.


Anyone who has ever spent a few minutes in a cafe or book store has seen the gaggles of people surfing the web from their laptops. Their lack of cords, light weight and compact size make them an ideal portable solution to computing on the run. With so many places supplying free wi-fi, having a laptop is more convenient than ever.

What laptops have in portability, they lack in brawn. The relatively weak little battery pack, cell phone grade processor and miniscule cooling fan aren't going to be running any power intensive applications in any useful way. You can largely forget about graphics intensive gaming on a laptop, too, unless you want to spend thousands of dollars. Still, you'll have to have it plugged into a wall while you play.

Laptops are more suitable for people who like to browse the internet away from home, aren't interested in gaming on it, or who could use it for business purposes.. They tend to be a little less complicated for new computer users, too.

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EmeraldandJade said...

Since I've been out of school I've been using my desktop almost exclusively. My biggest pet peeve about laptops is the keyboard/built-in-mouse. It's way smaller and harder to maneuver.

Joseph Andrew said...

Why not both,right?

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