Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting the Kim Kardashian look

Arguably the most popular and hottest woman in pop culture, Kim Kardashian has become a style and TV icon. She has great fashion sense and always looks good for every occasion. She and her trendsetting sisters have sent millions around the world running to stores to buy the outfits she flaunts so elegantly. She even knows how to pick out an outfit for those in her family!

 While most of us can only wish to afford a wardrobe like Kim’s and her sisters, you can still get the Kardashian look without emptying your checking account! In case you haven’t noticed, Kim is all about basic looks and accessories. It’s also rare to see her sporting the same look twice!

                Take this example where Kim is spotted wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses and animal print scarf. While the colors she wears vary depending on the outfit, it’s rare to find Kim not sporting eye catching accessories. Even on a brief stroll through town, Kim adds pizzazz to a normally basic outfit with fashionable accessories.

                As we mentioned earlier, Kim is all about the simple looks. Many celebrities dress as if they are hitting the red carpet when going out on the town. Not Kim! Here, she dresses up a plain t-shirt and jeans with shield sunglasses. She also has a cute black tote that isn’t too flashy. The glossy tote and dark glasses stand out and make the look appear more polished and, despite what her t-shirt might say, photo appropriate. She must have known the paparazzi would be following her every move!

                Here you can see that Kim has yet another simple outfit consisting of a white tank top, black pants, and ordinary flip flops which you can get at Old Navy for a few dollars. A simple look, but the accessories spice up her outfit. Her red sunglasses perfectly contrast the rest of her outfit. Her checkered scarf and satchel complete the seemingly simple look and are the perfect accompaniments to her basic outfit.

Take notes from Kim’s simple fashion style and add a little flair and pizzazz to your wardrobe by accessorizing. It’s not always easy to “Keep up with the Kardashians” fashion style. It seems like Kim and her sisters set off a new trend every time they step out the front door. Will it be the cat eye sunglasses Kourtney Kardashian was seen wearing in bora bora? What about the animal print bathing suits Kim and her sisters rocked on the beach? Will it be something from the wedding special? Whatever the look is, the one thing that is certain is that the Kardashian sisters will look stunning!  

Bio: Adam Bruk analyzes fashion trends in celebrity sunglasses. When he isn’t helping people find the perfect sunglasses, he enjoys following the latest social media marketing trends. 



EmeraldandJade said...

This is not a photo opportunity! I love it. The whole family has a cool sense of humour.

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