Monday, November 14, 2011

Decorating your grandchild’s bedroom

Decorating your grandchild’s bedroom

Grandparents fill a special role in the life of their grandchildren. They spend quality time playing, talking, and building memories. Grandparents get that special job of spoiling their grandchildren with toys, games, and special activities. Sometimes grandchildren stay over on a regular basis, or perhaps they even live with their grandparents. Maybe you are looking for a very special gift to give this holiday season. Regardless of the reason, it is nice to be able to give a grandchild a bedroom designed especially for them. Decorating a room for a grandchild can be a fun adventure. Before embarking on any decorating adventure, it is a good idea to plan important features of the room. Depending on the age of the grandchild, you might consider involving the child in the process.

Consider what pieces of furniture are needed to furnish the room. A bed, nightstand, bookshelf, and a dresser are most likely necessary items. Once you decide which items will be needed, determine the room layout to make sure there will be space for all necessary furniture. If you know the furniture's dimensions, it might be helpful to tape the space on the floor where it will be placed to ensure proper fit.

Next, think about the style of furniture desired. Keep in mind that babies and toddler quickly grow into young children, and young children quickly grow into older children and teenagers. It might be best to choose classic, quality furniture that has a timelessness, which the grandchild will not quickly outgrow. White furniture is a clean, popular choice for young girls, while darker mahogany or pinewood seem to fit little boys best. Match the furniture style to the style of the rest of the house for a safe choice. This will provide uniformity and cohesiveness among the bedrooms.

Choosing a wall colour or colours can be a daunting task. Again, think about a timeless colour that will grow with the child as opposed to choosing their favourite colour of the moment. Light shades of blue, green, yellow, taupe, or mauve can provide a nice backdrop for pictures, posters, and other bedroom decor.


Once you have a clean pallet of walls and furniture placed, the rest of the decorating lies in the details. These are the fun items that can bring out the grandchild's particular personality, passions, and interests. Since they can easily be replaced when outgrown, consider pictures, posters, wall decals, bedspreads, and lamps that reflect the age and interests of the child. Wall decals can be purchased in a variety of popular cartoon characters, the alphabet, outdoor animal themes, pirates, superheroes, fairies, princesses and more! Wall decals can easily be applied and are easily removed when the grandchild outgrows them. Framed pictures of special birthdays, holidays, or events might be placed about the room. Or choose a theme such as animals, sports, hunting, or princesses and decorate the bedroom with related accessories including lamps, posters, or pillows.

If you think of decorating your grandchild's bedroom as a step-by-step process, it may not seem so overwhelming. Remember to consider the child's wants, needs, and personality. Show your grandchild just how special they are by creating a dream bedroom with just a few easy steps.

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