Sunday, November 13, 2011

as seen in Elle -- Ask E. Jean

A segment of an old Elle magazine that was laying around my bathroom hit home in a big way-- listen to this and tell me you DON'T agree. 

long letter from Man, asking why he's so nice and it gets him nowhere?.... "How doe's a nice guy get his groove back?"
Answer from E. Jean
Dude! Please:
It would be an affront to your intelligence if I were to talk about your "groove", when you know better than I do that the only reason a woman will ever fall for you- I beg your pardon- is because she's run out of assholes. Trust me, the nerves of Today's women are so shredded by the constant effort of trying to forget jerks they have dated in the past, the most probable way a woman will tumble for you, as wonderful as you are is out of sheer exhaustion. I know, I know experts say women actually do want a nice guy, but show these women a jerk -and they'll trample their therapists to get to him. Even elegant sprightly women who've managed to break the Ring of Rapscallions (sounds like a J R Tolkien novel) look for men with a dash of danger. And yes, before everyone floods me with disagreeable letters, I believe there are fellows out there.. uh, somewhere... who are cocky mischievous honorable & brilliant!) 
Sorry for the interruption. The rule is: An amiable woman will endure the depredations of five assholes before se accidentally meets a good guy and falls for him (though certain ladies of my acquaintance {(AND MINE! ~CB!~)} have felt compelled to suffer through the crimes of 11, 12, or more guys before the wise up & start refusing to leave the house)

My opinion (CaseyColette)
I agree! Except I know for a fact some women NEVER do! 
And, in addition, or in my case, my younger days, I was too young to settle down, had a great guy, and ditched him! No, not the crackhead I dated, 2 guys before him! I got smart, I can only hope other women read this and really take a long hard look at themselves and realize what they are putting themselves through. Your the only one who can save yourself. Don't ruin your children's childhoods.
The end!~
Can I get an amen!?@!?


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