Friday, June 3, 2011

Can't Help it, I luv the Kardashians (LOTS of pics!)

I couldn't help but notice in the video of thier Katy Perry ET spoof (great song BTW) that their little sister are quickly overshadowing them, they are younger, and well.. just as pretty, if not- arguably, prettier!

I have some pics I found below. Or just take note in the video.
I used to go back and forth, really Kourtney has always been my fave, (her personality, and laugh is infectious) but truth be told- Kim is the prettiest, probably always will be. Khloe is really pretty too.... amazing lips. But shes always down on herself saying shes fat? She is so not fat! Shes got a great figure. I think its negative for her to portray the image that she is, because girls need to know its OK to not be a size 1. Its healthy, and actually sexier. Look at Kim! Shes not a stick. Khloe cant be much bigger than her. They are shaped different. Armenian? Idk how you get curves like that. I guess if your lucky enough to be born with them, count your blessings.

Back to the little sisters, Kylie and Kendall. When we first met them they were what, 10? Now they are young teenagers, and actually taller than their sisters! And they look 20! When did this happen? Over night? They took some controversial modeling photos. Provocatively suggestive in a bikini .. they were really sexy and gorgeous photos. I say if they want to let themThey were just photos. And she wasn't nude. Or close to being nude. I'm sure her mother knew about them. Who are we to judge? Don't be haters. But she was only 14 at the time of the pics. BUT really, they were of her in a bikini. Big deal. Whats the difference in being outside in one where all can see?
The Kardashian's Little Sister Kendall All Grown Up & Looking Amazing!!! |
found on
(Found from the Kids Choice awards)

Not they are not both pretty, but of the younger Jenner sisters, I think Kylie is much prettier. :)



lewalk said...

You're not alone. Lol. My 15 year old daughter loves them too. At one point she said she was going to change her name from starting with a C to a K so she could be a Kardashian. Haha!

EmeraldandJade said...

I haven't followed them in years and can't believe how fast Kylie and Kendall have grown up!
They grew up in the entertainment industry- it's a whole diff story for them to be modelling in swimwear because that is just the world the grew up in and it's different. I think the photos are gorgeous actually.

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