Monday, June 13, 2011

Need Better Sleep? Try a Box of NightFood Nutrition Bars!

My discovery! (thanks SheBlogs!)
NightFood Bars!

It seems everybody wants better sleep these days…What many people don’t realize is that many nutrition & sleep experts recommend a small, healthy snack before bed.
NightFood bars are delicious, and are formulated to help you fall asleep, and sleep better. Just as importantly, a delicous cookies n’cream NightFood bar can help you eliminate cravings and unhealthy snack options from your evening.

Honestly, whenever I eat at night, I have crazy dreams. Especially if its cheese! WOW! I rarely have nightmares nowadays they are always weird though. Another thing if I eat before bed I will have weird dreams is chocolate. Yes sir! Some crazy stuff, I think its real too, until I wake up. You know what I mean! You do it too! Sometimes I eat just so I'll dream weird things. I seem to sleep better, and wake less.

As far as ingredients go, you can read them on their website and they even have real Oreos cookies in them! YUM!

On their blog they talk about sleep studies and an article about eating at night.

They have a 100% money back guarantee and when you buy abox now, for 11.99 you get free shipping, plus 5$ coupon off your next box!

Also be sure to follow @nightFoodBars on twitter or if your a Facebook addict "Like" them here!


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