Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Best freebies ever!

2 awesome amazing freebies came in the mail for me today! I luv freebies!

- 1st freebie was from Milani Cosmetics -

I am quite sure they are over now, but I was just excited and thought I would share! Milani's FaceBook sent me a full-size lipstick. Albeit not my color at all, it was still nice! Some promotion I found on Twisted Branches Forum (where I find EVERYTHING!), I presume! So I thought I'd give them a shout-back of a free-post since they were so nice to gift it to me!
They sent me color # 112, which is a bright 80s hot pink. Maybe good for Halloween? I could NOT pull off this color. Nor do I know anyone that can, or why even since were on the subject, do they even still make this color? I might give it to GiGi! It says it is "HD Advanced Lip Color and that it is Sheer-medium coverage, with 3 finishes- Cream, Pearl, & Shimmer. It says they all have Watermelon Fragrance. 9Neat!) It does smell pretty good! and it also has a Serum Infused formula. Paraben Free. 3-in- 1 lip color!
Also they are having a contest on their Facebook wall (^Link above^ ) for a chance to win a Flip video Ultra HD 4gb video recorder.

I would recommend connecting on FB for sure, in case they have another great freebie, so you might see it in your sea of a wall of status updates also known as your News Feed! :)
I only wish they would have sent a different color, perhaps the Romantic Rose, or Classy Nude.
If you want to buy some, you can buy it on HERE click to see it. But bear in mind, the Fuschia they sent me, looks much brighter pink in person than it does on this website. So perhaps they ALL do!

I also saw this great idea on their website and just had to share it w ya!
hint! click on the image and it will open in this window only bigger! (So you can read it better.)

2nd amazing freebie?

Came from Lori Greiner on Facebook! She has a show on QVC. She sent me a free bottle of maricure Keeper by Orly, and encourages me (and you too!) to stop by her website, and sign up for her newsletter and enter to win more great items. I haven't checked it out yet! I am surprised I stopped to take the time to write this and didn't put it off. I have had a long busy day. The time, right now, is 11:54pm eastern. Anyhow, Orly is a great nail product and much appreciate these freebies!

Freebies are great for everyone involved. Gives the company amazing advertising! It saves the consumer money, and lets them "try before they buy" and also stays in their mind when they are shopping. I know there have been numerous times (too many to count) where I have been shopping and remembered an amazing freebie. For instance, say I am shopping for a skin cleanser, I might grab the Biore, just because they were nice enough to give me an amazing 100% free coupon last year. Or grab the Pantene bc they sent me travel size samples. It angers me to see companies pulling samples. I have gotten emails before about samples I have signed up for, that I won't be recieving. I understand they run out of budget and that is OK, but they slam, "Freebie Sites".... mad because they got posted on a freebie site. Really? What did you think was going to happen. You should be glad at the free advertising. I'm sure it would cost just as much to put billboard ads up, as it does to send out samples. And how does a WOM (word-of-mouth) work exactly with a billboard. have you ever just said, "Hey! I SAW THIS GREAT SIGN ON THE SIDE OF THE INTERSTATE TODAY?" (ok, you might have but it wouldnt be with the repetitive or sincerity that comes with a sample/freebie WOM convo.! I tell all my girlfriends about the great freebies! See what I am doing right now? Telling you about these great freebies. ~Never underestimate the power of WOM from a freebie!~
Good night!


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Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I already follow you :) Have a great week!

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SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

What awesome freebies! To bad that lipstick wasn't a good color for you. The nail polish looks like a winner though :D

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