Monday, June 6, 2011

Current active awesome giveaways! Don't miss!!!!

My - Kim Kardashian perfume giveaway was super successful! It has been my longest (to date) sweepstakes, and I don't think I like them that long! I am anxious to pick a winner! That being said, I have more winners to pick soon! Enter to win your choice Rock N Learn kids educational AWARD WINNING DVD! Ends 6/30 noon

ENTER TO WIN A SET OF Raw & organic health bars from Good On Ya!! end 6/30 noon to win a arv 50$ SnackTime Children's toy/helper. Its super cool. MUST SEE! Innovative! ends 6/17 11:59 pm to win a cute Children's book about a Daddy who snores VERY loudly! only 6 entries (so far!) and ending in 5 days ( 6/11 at 11:59 pm eastern ) Just published and running until 6/23 Eden Fantasys 25$ Gift Card giveaway! (: DONT MISS THIS! 6/23 noon eastern

Giani Granite arv 80$ Grainte Counter re-finishing. See my review, my kitchen transformation pics, + enter to win your own!

Here are the giveaways coming soon. (As they go live, I'll post them, their link, and their ending time here!)

NEW! Prefense all natural Kid-Safe long lasting hand sanitizer! Ends 6/30

Win a 25$ Gift Card to Amazing dresses + clubwear Ends 6/21

Wed. Stay tuned for the SnapLily post to learn how you can score an awesome freebie for Father's Day + EcoStore natural products review! (posted! Go to and you'll see it!)

Also more things to come soon. (some sooner than others!) (the ones w a GW mean giveaway)

Nicole Lee handbags, HardCandy makeup, Manna Organic Bread (GW), (GW), Good On Ya Bar (GW), Wild Soccer Bunch books (GW), (GW), I See Me books (GW), Coco Penny boutique, Rock & Learn DVDS (GW), Prefense hand sanitizer (GW), Salmon Dog Health Oil (GW), Secret Bear World online (GW), Reading Kingdom online (GW). + Shielo, Sutton Cupcake Liners (GW),+ KiddoTags (GW)!


sandiesfriend1 said...

When do you have time to sell Avon? Sounds like you are a busy mom and a full time blogger already.. My advice would be to consider carefully before deciding. It may be a perfect fit, you never know!!! Avon rocks..I would buy some.

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