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TrulyGreen – Truly Affordable
No Nasty Chemicals™

EcoStore USA makes healthy Baby Care, Pet Care, Household Cleaners, and Bath and Body products.
A lot of products claim to be healthy as more and more people become aware of what harm these items can do. But they say ignorance is bliss, but I think the companies capitalize on this ignorance. No, I am not saying the consumers are stupid at all. Ignorance simply means uneducated. Its our job as parents to educate ourselves. Thats why when the opportunity came up to review these products for Locomotion of Expressions- I chose the baby products. Baby products are especially important to be healthy. I am not pointing any fingers, but I did a study for a VERY well known brand , a product test for a "natural" lotion.. yet when I looked online almost every ingredient in the darn thing was BAD. I mean real bad. I stopped putting lotion on my baby. Now when I see the commercials for it I can help but scoff at the audacity of that company. Yes we should keep our skin moisturized, but at the risk of our own health? I'd rather have dry skin, tyvm. The commercials for lotion (for baby) claims that babies need lotion 2x a day? I only lotion my baby 2x a week, and her skin is very soft. Less is more.
With that being said, the products I chose were naturally < (good pun, huh?) baby products. :)

Although... I wish I had paid more attention to what I was choosing, and I'll tell you why in a minute. Let me defend myself first- by saying my daughter Giana "Mommy"'s me to death, so its kinda hard to focus on things nowadays because she is always harping on me for something, so I was probably rushed. I'm sure those of you with 5 to 6 year olds know exactly what I mean. :)
I chose Sleepy-time Bath and Moisturizing Lotion.
I thought I was getting a baby wash, which is what I needed. Nope. Sleepy-time bath is actually an additive to the bath water that is fragrant and calming to baby.
The lotion and bath did not have the typical scent that most baby products do. The smell very much like herbs and plants. Slightly mentholated, in my opinion. But not bad, mind you - just different. I feel confident in knowing that am I doing the best I can for my baby. :)

"For instance, in 2007, a team of French scientists published research demonstrating that the two most common childhood cancers – leukemia and lymphoma – are overwhelmingly correlated to prenatal exposure to toxic chemicals used inside the home. The increase in cases of these haematopoietic malignancies (or “blood cancers”) over the past three decades calls into question the wisdom of producing or purchasing synthetic chemicals as cleaning agents in the home.

Groundbreaking research also recently provided data to demonstrate a strong correlation between common household chemicals and the dramatic rise in breast and female cancers during the past decades. Regular contact with these chemicals – which are called “hormone disruptors” because they mimic natural oestrogens – exposes women to increased risk of developing a female cancer. The effects of these particular hormone disruptors – or their masculine counterparts – on men have not been fully studied, but it’s doubtful in my mind they’re anything but bad for everyone.

Knowing these correlations, we need to consider how many synthetic chemicals we are exposed to everyday through processed foods, cleaning products, personal care products and cosmetics. How many of these synthetic chemicals might be hormone disruptors? And how many might be proven toxins, or have never been fully tested for toxicity? But most importantly – who will take responsibility for protecting my family and me from such exposure; and what alternatives are available? My child’s health is my top priority, but I’m no less interested in preserving my own wellbeing, and living a long and healthy life with my husband and daughter."

read more of "Health is not a fad"

What is green?

"So what should the conscientious parent consider when looking for products that can legitimately be called “green”? Some catchphrases to beware of include “naturally derived,” “from nature,” and “botanically inspired.” While they sound attractive, they don’t indicate truly eco-friendly products. Even the word “organic” does not always certify that the majority of ingredients are organic, or have not been simply manufactured from organic compounds. Many harmful chemicals found in mainstream products are derived from natural ingredients, but manipulated in labs to form compounds far from safe or natural.When searching for the real deal be certain your household products indicate they are “90%-100% organic,” “non-toxic,” and indicate that all ingredients are listed. And avoid common harmful chemicals."

These include:

Parabens (preservatives some studies have connected to breast cancer)
Glycols (organic solvents that can be passed from mother to fetus, and can affect the nervous system in high doses)
Sodium lauryl sulfate (a foaming agent known to cause skin and eye irritation, and found in the majority of bubble baths, shampoos and shower gels)

Reading labels may not be your favorite thing to do, but a little effort ahead of time can ensure you grab a thoroughly safe and effective product next time you’re whizzing through the supermarket. Educate yourself to make healthier decisions for your family, and share the promise of a safer, more sustainable future."

Did you know?
EcoSTORE USA is an extension of a 20 year old New Zealand company that makes plant based, non-toxic Household Cleaning, Baby and Personal Care Products that contain No Nasty Chemicals™.

A Few Tid-Bits
·The Founder was a stay at home dad living in an eco-village.
You can find it at Meijer and Duane Reade stores.
Orders over $25 get FREE SHIPPING

If you are interested in learning more this is the link to the Ecostore Blog
If you live in NYC, don't miss their 40$ Gift Certificate Giveaway!

The next thing I am eyeing from EcoStore? Coconut & Vanilla Body Wash!

You can keep up with EcoStore on social networks on Twitter@ecostoreusa and on Facebook as well. By doing so, you can stay updated about news, sales, and specials.

A product was provided free to me, from EcoStore USA for evaluation purposes. The opinions contained in this post are 100% mine and not influenced by monetary pay. Even in the event that there is money exchanged (there wasn't in this case) the opinions are still my own. I would just be paid for my time. In that even the post would say "Sponsored Post."

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