Sunday, June 5, 2011

Liberator Jaz-Motion review

Liberator sells bedroom adventure gear, and other things. Adult DVDs, lingerie, adult toys...
But they are most widely known for their Liberator Shapes. Possibly you have seen them around and don't know where? They have ads in many magazines. I know that is where I first saw them. When browsing their shapes, there is a different shape for different things. The shapes, ramps and wedges can be fashioned together to make great, sturdy, comfortable sex furniture. Or sold individually.

The wedge is usually used to give you that extra boost to keep your partner from throwing out their hip, or hurting their knees, while also making it more pleasurable for you, by putting you in a better position to hit all the right spots. I am not going to talk of my experience too deeply with the cushion. I don't kiss and tell. But I will say I enjoyed the wedge very much.
Oh yeah! What did I get? I got the Jaz-Motion. The Jaz-Motion sells for 60$ and it comes in its own concealed box. No embarrassment here. The label reads, Fulfillment Center.. so who knows what could be inside. Thats a good thing.
What I noticed? Its firm and heavy. But also thats good. It won't lose its shape.. and it won't give with too much weight and pressure for extended periods of time. Firm, but not losing its comfort. I picked fuchsia which is very pretty, and suits my girly tastes. I started to get black, because I am known to stain things. But the pink color called to me and I couldn't resist. But even if I get it dirty, the cover zips off and can be washed. You can tell it is really high quality from the cover. I especially like the little emblem/logo patch on the side. Gives it a cute touch! I included a picture of it as well as pictures for you to reference sizes. A coke can to see how tall it is and a remote to see how wide it is. For some reason, to me- it looks smaller in the pictures than it really is.

I should also mention the sale they have right now for Father's Day!

Direct link to other Liberator shapes, I'm sure your curious to see!
Overall, I really like the Jaz-Motion and with any luck, I can review some more adult toys from Liberator.

What I would want to review next, if I got to pick? I most liked was the Sqweel. I have always said there needed to be a toy like this. I am interested in if it actually works! Sqweel (pronounced Squeal) Is an oral sex stimulator! You gotta see it!

My pictures!

The Jaz-Motion is available in numerous colors, to suit you and your decor.
Available Colors:
Microsuede Black
Microsuede Blueberry
Microsuede Charcoal
Microsuede Cherry
Microsuede Lime
Microsuede Grape
Microsuede Fuschia

The Liberator has two different lines of Sex Furniture . The line I received the Jaz-Motion from is from the Original label. There is also a Black Label which is far more risque and geared more toward bondage. Average price of that line is around 325$. Which most families with children might not be able to shell out so readily. But fear not, they have all the bases covered. Find more affordable bondage tools and leather S&M in their Role-play section.

Here are just a few of the positions you can achieve more comfortably and pleasurably using the Jaz-Motion (below)

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Jaz-Liberator as much as I enjoyed reviewing it!

This product was provided to me free for evaluation purposes from All opinions contained herein are 100% my own and not influenced in any way by monetary compensation. You might not have the same results or opinions. Locomotion of Expressions is not liable in the case that this rare event were to happen.


rebecca said...

i would really love to win the Liberator! it looks very comfortable & alot of fun!!!!

Amber said...

My sister loved hers so much that she bought me one for a wedding gift! And next to my new crockpot, its my favorite gift so far! My new husband and I have tried it for doggy style, which keeps my ass elevated for longer periods of time without any effort on my part (read; thighs not as sore the next day) and also the man in top way which makes it hit my gspot and I go crazy! Sooo intense! This is my new favorite sex toy! And it is discret what it actually is, the kids think it is mommys new pillow for when she has back pain LMAO!!!!!!!

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