Friday, June 3, 2011

Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac + Scent Review

I love doing reviews for Locomotion of Expressions, it fills my days while the hubby is at work, or while the baby is napping, Giana is school (you fill-in-the-blank here). But it is time consuming. It does bring free product into the house though, usually. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Everyone loves a freebie." Although, if you think about it, its not exactly free when you put as much time into it as I do. I have a newfound respect for bloggers and giveaways. I can relate. Reviews are much easier. There isn't all that promotional aspect involved at all.

Having said that- this will be easy on me, because unfortunately there is no giveaway for you. BUT these mini PocketBac's from Bath & Body Works are cheap, and a little bit goes a long way. Plus Bath & Body Works is known for having sales. Some of the PocketBac's are on sale right now on the website for 99 cents.

While your there, be sure to design one, its fun, and it might win you some money! You never know!
Contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, age 18 or older at time of entry. Void where prohibited by law. Click here for entry details and deadlines and Official Rules.

I like the whole mini hand sanitizers because:
A) They stay shut better than other mini hand sanitizers.
B) They are around the same price, but a little smaller, so fit better in pockets and smaller places.
C) They smell amazing!
D) They come in all these different scents - there's sure to be one you'll like.
The PocketBacs also have accessories. Little holders that can be clipped to a belt loop, purse, or backpack to keep them handy for times when you are out in public and touching germy things and what-not.
If you like the mini hand sanitizers - you can also buy them Full Sized.

They even sell a set of astrological signs.

Be sure to look at the MOM inspired
PocketBac's which I presume were for Mother's Day. They are not only cute & pretty but now are on sale for .75 ea. (They are almost all 1.50 all the time, online & in store)
They sent me Coconut Lime Verbena (not pictured) a scent thats been around for awhile, but I couldn't find an image of them selling it online.
Capricorn (Astrological Sign- January - pictured above)
Apple Pie - A patriotic looking - warm apple pie scent (Makes me hungry to put even a drop of it on) Pictured below.
Blue berry - a rodeo-ish design, (smells great too!) ^ Pictured above.
My fave scent they sent was Midnight Pomegranate (above). It smelled the strongest and reminds me of berries.
So don't forget, stop by and design your own fragrance/bottle combo at
and if you don't already be sure to connect with Bath & Body Works Facebook Page (Tell them Locomotion of Expressions sent you!) because you can stay updated about great freebies they are having in-store and with purchase online! About once a month they offer a printable freebie coupon for in-store. They are usually for small lotions but once I got this super cute mini-candle. :) (No purchase necessary!)
Good night you guys, once again, it is midnight and I need my beauty sleep! *winks!*

This product was provided to me free of charge by Bath and Body Works PR, no monetary compensation was paid. Only product and even still all opinions contained herein are 100% true and my own.


lewalk said...

I love B&BW. My daughter does too. Every time she goes in there she comes out with a bag full of these little things and of course a holder or two. It's good for me because I get them when she forgets about them as soon as she gets home. Lol.

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