Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mypleasure is Naughty with a capital N!
In case you live under a rock, they sell Adult Toys.
Getting into their website, I found SO many many many areas of interest, and I will share many of them with you now. MyPleasure's motto is, "Sex Toys Selected by Experts"- so they are Sexperts? Sorry, funny joke.. Ok, moving on!

Here is one of the coolest and one of the more helpful things I noticed. Shopping guide. What this area has is not only an interactive shopping tool, with a Q&A to help find the right toy for you- but also a detailed Sex Toy Guide, that explains each different type of toy for beginners. Go ahead, get the skinny!


If you are still young (or not.) You may find the need to hide your sex toys. Be it from your kids, friends, heck- you might even be older but still live with the 'rents. I especially have this issue because my little girl is old enough to dig through my stuff, and you have to be extra careful about what they find. For now, its sufficient to hide on a top shelf, but eventually this will not do. That's why I found this bulletin especially helpful. It talks about Sex Toys in Disguise: The Top Ten Sex Toys ... That Don't Look Like Sex Toys!

"Chances are you don't live in a home where leaving your naughty sex toys lying around is your best option. Maybe you have children. Perhaps your parents like to drop by unexpectedly. Maybe you're just the kind of person who believes toys for discreet use should be just that -- discreet.

We've got just the thing to help you out. Here, we've compiled a list of MyPleasure's top ten most discreet sex toys.... " Go Here to see the list!!


What I received!

I received the Dual Action Hummingbird. The clitoral stimulator, which is in the shape of a hummingbird, and really cute.
Lets talk about it, because it has a lot going on! It is Unscented Phthalate-free TPR with its 3 rows of non-jamming beads, its very flexible and has a lot of give. What I like most? It has 5 speeds, 2 pulse patterns plus clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations. The wings sit to the side of your labia your "lips" and most vibrators never get that area!
The picture of mine- from MyPleasure ----->
I like the toy, not only because its pretty. Its clear, and you can see the insides working. But it is powerful and simple to use. I like the different varities, speeds, and vibrations it offers. I am very pleased! The Dual Action Hummingbird is on sale right now on MyPleasure Dual Action Hummingbird 60% off!!!!
Regular Price: $114.95
On Sale For: $45.98
So get your own!


Heres yet another intriguing area. There is an oral sex area, that talks about all things oral sex.

10% off first purchase when you sign up for thier email list!
New Items!!!

RIGHT NOW, they have a big sale going on - Dual Action Vibes up to 60% off!
Even if they arent still on sale by the time you read this, they have a great Clearance section, you can find the link from their home page at or by going to

Check this out too!!!!!!


So You Wanna Play in Public?
"So you've always fantasized about getting naughty with your lover in public? The allure of the forbidden, the chance of getting caught -- it's all very hot and sexy. If you do it right, you and your partner can have a delightfully wicked time, without harming or offending anyone -- or breaking any laws! Of course, playing in public can also result in embarrassment, so start slow, proceed with caution, and always use common sense.

To get you started, we're sharing four simple games you and your lover can play in public. Lose your inhibitions, get a little wild, and go for it!....."Spice up your sex life and read the rest of this bulletin! (Locmotion of Expressions is not responsible if you get caught doing this!


Super cute! I love madlibs and MyPleasure has their own SexLibs (go make your own, they are so funny!)
Also, be sure to note there is also a Sex Glossary. Do yourself a favor and look at it, because I found a few words that I didn't know.

I think thats enough links, I don't want to overwhelm you. I am quite sure you can navigate it to all the different areas of interest to you, yourself. But there is definitely something for everyone on this website!

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