Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hard Candy Review - Lip Tattoo & Walk the Line

Hard Candy has been around for as long time. Long as I can remember. I was a young teen so its definitely holding its ground. I remember them starting out as nail polish, if my memory serves me correctly. Wild, funky, bright and sparkly nail polishes like no others. Especially back then.
Hard Candy can be bought at Wal*Mart.

Hard Candy Lip Tattoo

Price is 6$
The colors in comes in are :
Princess, Toast, Champion, Fantasy, Posy, Petal, Sangria, Poppy,
Hard Candy's Tattoo Lip Stain and gloss gives you the perfect punch of color.
Long-lasting lip stain
Glossy top coat
Multi-tasking makeup

Its a dual purpose tube, which by that, I mean has color on one side, and gloss on the other, a 2 in 1.
First of all Lip Stain is just that- a stain. Lip Stain can usually be expected to be a pretty watery dye for your lips. This is no exception. Don't ever buy Lip Stain thinking your getting gloss, because although it has a gloss- I will say, most lip stains I have seen usually color More than Hard Candy's Lip Tattoo. It stayed on for a good while, but didn't survive a lunch. But then. what lipstick does survive eating? Please? Tell me!
This is one of the darkest shades it comes in, and it took 3 coats to show up on my lips, but after the third coat, it looked nice. It can be hard to apply because its so runny, but it has a lot of glitter and sparkle so its very pretty.
The stain takes a little bit to dry, about 90 seconds per coat. It has a slightly sweet tatse and has a frutiy fragrant smell.
Onto the gloss on the other end of the tube. I hate a thick sticky gloss, so I did like the gloss. Its not too thick not too thin. It also smells good, this time peppermint and tastes ok. I like that if licked it doesnt coat your tongue. The stain has a wand applicator and the gloss has a brush applicator. The gloss has a little warm tingle, which I personally do not care for, but I also do not like minty glosses either.
Overall I give it a B-

Hard Candy Walk the Line Liquid Eyeliner
Price - 4.68
Color - Galaxy

Walk The Line - Liquid Eyeliner
This superior formula won't budge, even under the most strenuous conditions. Enhance your eyes with a classic swipe of solid black, a subtle shimmering neutral, or a burst of sparkling color. If that wasn't enough, the amazing formula will last all day, all night, or even both! This formula leaves a beautiful, subtle shine.
The color I got was Galaxy which is a very pretty light bown, broze color with gold glitter. Its to die for. Like most liquid eyeliners, they are not too different from one another. The only difference is the wand, some are pens, some have thin short brushes. This brush is long and thin, application wasn't the easiest, I would reccomend a slightly shorter brush for easiest application, but I prefer a mechanical pencil anyhow, so who am I to know?
The tube itself design is to die for. The color- amazing. I did notcie a slight burning when I used this product, that I have never noticed before on any other liquid eyliner. But it was mild and temporary. Although it did make my eyes water, which is a potential makeup ruiner. The actual color of this eyeliner itself is gorgeous in the tube but like the stain shows up light on the eye lid. Also, like its friend that came with it, had a slightly longer drying time than I am used to, but overall, it stayed on all day long, and the sparkle makes it unique. A lot of liners and glosses with sparkle barely show because the glitter is so small, or "weak" in the makeup, but these shimmered up a storm which I was appreciative of. Over all for this Walk the Line eyeliner I'd have to give it a B- as well.
What I most like from hard candy are the funky and shimmery eye-shadows! Maybe next time!

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