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Kylie & Kendall (+21 pics)

Kylie & Kendall...

Will they just quit? Because its getting ridiculous and making me feel old. And kinda lesbi-gay. But they are sooo young. What's crazy to me, is how much taller they both are than Kourtney and Kim. Watching them grow up on TV too. I have always watched the show, and I remember when they were super young. Gosh like 9 or 10? Possibly younger.
I want to feel bad for them for growing up in the spotlight with so much pressure - but it's hard to.  I guess because they profit so much from it. One of them looks shockingly thin in one of the pics I found today. (Below.. you'll know it when you see it.) I adore this show and the family. I can't wait to see more of these girls. I know Kim has said how proud she is of Kendall & Kylie. But I am unsure about what, exactly? The fact they are mature I hope. I assume she is talking about their beauty. But that was more a DNA gift. Nothing to be proud of them for doing. I guess for being good girls? 

There was a lot of talk recently because on a recent episode this season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians; 15 year old Kendall is being put on birth control for her "acne". I suffer from acne occasionally too, but birth control is not a solution for that. I don't care what they say. People seemed to insinuate that now shes loose and having sex, Doubtful. When you grow up with that much money and TV cameras following you around.. plus a mom and dad who are still together and they seem well bred. (LOL!) Even if she were having sex, I doubt it would be with more than one guy. Maybe she's not taking it for acne. Although I did notice in the hotel scene where Kim takes her to New York to do a photo shoot, she does appear to have it. Maybe she just wants to have it in her system, in case something perchance, does happen and she does fool around with someone. Shes a teenager for christ sakes. Most all of us did it too. It's different when its your kid though. I am sure I will definitely feel different when Giana and Devonny are older. But I'll cross that bridge when I get there. At least Kendall is smart enough to think ahead. Birth Control sounds better than being a Teen Mom, especially when she has a whole life of fame and fortune handed to her on a  silver platter.

 I do love this family. And I love the Jenner Sisters. I would love to meet even one of the members of this family It will never happen of course.. but one can only dream!

I hate it though, when people talk a lot of trash about them and say Kim is famous for her butt.. and they don't deserve their fame, and yada yada yada. I don't know if the show is scripted. The Hills was, so I think most of it probably is. But even still-  they work for that money. They go to photo shoots, make public appearances, have camera crews crawling through their homes and lives. The do deserve their fame. They are all breathtakingly gorgeous. Saying they don't deserve fame for being pretty, well you might as well say Kate Moss, or Gisele Bundchen or even Adriana Lima do not deserve their fame. Just cut them a little break. 

Giana years ago, asleep in my rat terriers bed.... I couldn't find her.
Too funny, right?
Kendall Jenner, in my opinion is breathtakingly pretty. She is reminiscent of Gia Carangi. The late model in the 80s who Angelina Jolie passionately portrayed in the HBO film, Gia. That is where Giana's name originated from. Ironically, Giana's middle name is Kendall.
I think I chose beautiful names for my girls.. Devonny (pronounced like "devon" then "knee") and Giana (gee-ahh-nuh). Giana Kendall & Devonny Noelle (pronounced noel)
I know it's not relevant, but who cares?
What do you think?
I have a ton of pics I have scrounged up online for you! I know you guys are super interested in my Kardashian posts, because I get so much traffic on them, so I gathered this article and opinions and images up for your enjoyment. Hope you did!
Thanks for reading with me!
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Imitation is the higest form of flattery!

Flashback! Gia Carangi.
Love this!

Kendall looks gorgeous.

Kourtney & Kim look like they ate the cake in Alice in Wonderland.


He's tall like the jolly black giant. Seriously, I like him though.

I hope this is altered, BC it's scary.

Look at her legs they are miles long. Jeez.

Very 80s.
How pretty!

Pretty Kardashian Swag.

One photo she looks like Gia in. (JMO)


~ Muah! ~
I've been in that same house with Minnie Mouse. That hooch, she gets around like the Beach Boys.
Kidding, kidding!   (:

Kylie on a segway.

Not digging that shade of lipstick on her.

My Sis and I! Not quite the same. I know. LOL!

Kylie & Kendall's blog is at: There is a pic on it of little Mason, which ironically is the name of my sisters little boy. Strange. Anyway, he got big! Kourtney has been hiding him from the camera on htis past season of KuwtK (Keeping Up with the Kardashians) a lot, but can you blame her. Poor little baby gets enough cameras shoved in his face.
Khloe Kardashian guest post here on LoE  + another  article I wrote about the Kardashian clan.
Thanks again!

Disclaimer - These pictures are not mine (I have collected them from the web) and if anyone has objections to these pictures being on this site, please let me know. I do not claim credit for these pictures, instead I only provide them to mirror the original images. The original owners deserve all credit for these images. In most instances, the origianl owners name is credited in the bottom corner of the image. Thank you.


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