Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am just blunt like that.

I don't want to be known for JUST doing reviews and giveaways! They are quickly becoming another chore! Maybe you should learn some stuff about me.

Lets do just that!

About me - hm, I am self taught on the computer. I can type so fast. But I am weird because I look at the keys when I type and not at the screen. If I look at the screen it completely throws me off. To hear me typing up a  blog is an extremely loud click noise. I have a lot of typos too, which I correct in my blog posts, usually, but do not bother correcting on Facebook, which might make me come off as looking ignorant. I cannot stand it when people do not know how to spell. I am a spelling drill Sargent. It drives me up the wall!
The most important thing and the first thing you might notice about me, is while I am a fiercely loyal friend, and very dependable, I do not care what others think of me.  I say whats on my mind, and I am very impatient  (My worst attribute) when it comes to stupidity! I am a Leo through and through. If you don't like me, my world doesn't stop. I could care less what you think. Said it before, I'll say it again. Life is too short to spend it worried about people who do not matter, and life's too short to spend it worried about what others think!!

What matters?  My close friends, but more than that, my family, and more than that, my husband. But at the top of that list is my gorgeous daughters. Survival of the fittest, ya know? We have to take care of our young 'uns! (No matter how much they drive us crazy!)

I am the youngest of us three sisters, and a half brother who I barely halfway know.
Being the youngest I was the scapegoat. I got left out of a lot of things. We grew up low income, my parents struggled to provide for so many kids. ( I had a stepbrother and a stepsister growing up.) My step-dad actually, who was extremely abusive. Yes I said it. If anyone wants to say anything about it, they can take it up with me. That might have something to do with my sparky attitude.

My brother Scooby, is much older than me, from my father's first marriage, and I never really knew or saw him growing up, only fleetingly.

My oldest sister Shelley has two of the cutest daughters. One Kaitlyn, is turning 17 this year, who is pageant picturesque gorgeous. Another younger little girl Meaghon, who is older than both of my girls, who looks like her mother's clone. She loves to draw and write.  My older sister Shelley, is a red head through and through. Dot your I's and cross your T's! She is 8 yrs older than me, and shares the same day birthday as my youngest, Devonny but a different month! (They are both born on the 19th!)

My other older sister, Amber- who looks a lot like me, is a lot like me, in things that we enjoy and like. But that is where the differences stop. While we have some of the same tastes and ideas about things, our personalities are like night and day. I'm rough around the edges and harsh but also strong emotionally, I am the rock. I don't let things get to me. To catch me crying, is rare. I am like a brick wall. She is sensitive and a big old sap! She can be very emotional. But our differences are not weaknesses. They are just what define us. She has 4 children. Two little twin girls that passed away a few weeks before my eldest daughter was born.  They had twin-to-twin syndrome and were simply born too early. :(  She has another older child, Lynzey whom I adore and is a very smart child. She is just as kinky haired as my sister and a lot like her! She also has a son, Mason who is younger than my eldest and is so cute he loves pirates!

My mother, Kaye- is my world. I do not know where I would be without her. She has turned me into the women I am today and a lot of my personality comes from her. We can bash heads quickly if  left alone with each other for too long, but we always get over it. I wish my mother could retire and just stop stressing about work and money. She is so generous and hard working.

Then there's Greg, Talk about hard working! For all sakes and purposes, we will call him my dad. Because really he is more of a Dad to me than any of the other men in my life have been.When I refer to my Dad, I am referring to my mothers boyfriend., Greg
Hes' the glue that holds us all together. He is extremely dependable and reliable and is just the sweetest man alive. I can explain it this way. Arguing with him would be like... HM... hang on.. it would be like arguing with a baby chicken. Why would you? he is just so sweet and more than any of us could ever ask for!  He is not my biological father, but I love him just the same. My mother met him shortly after she got tired of the life we had with my stepfather. (They divorced when I was 13) My mother has been with my dad for 10+ years They both have been married before, but despite my pushing and begging and shoving and pleading they still have not married. I say they just jump. But who listens to me?

My husband - what do you want to know about him? Most already know he is in the Navy, a submariner. While his job is dangerous and scary and important. I feel safe. I know that he is not gone as long as some military jobs, and I support him 310%  My husband and I could not be more different however. Where I am loud, extroverted, outspoken, and opinionated, he is observant, shy, introverted, and quiet. They say opposites attract, right? We are yin & yang.

Being a navy wife is hard. I do not know if its my mouth, or my extreme opinions, or my total lack of willingness to put up with others people BS that has led me to be so lonely. I try to make friends, but most of the women come off as snobby. It might also be because I am all about 1st impressions.One girl I met for some reason does not like me. I hung out with her 3 times or so at her house for 20 min each time. Got her number, thought she seemed awesome! She was so sweet, really pretty... my children really liked her!  I still have not figured out why she doesn't like me. All I know is I met her during a really bad period in my life. I had postpartum. My husband deployed when our daughter was 2 days old. I was taking medication called Reglan, for breastfeeding, which I do not know how to explain, but made me feel even worse, super anxious and sad.  It made time slow down, and me feel really weird. I really can't describe the way it made me feel. I will tell you this. Do NOT take Reglan. So I met her during my Reglan phase. On top of hubby leaving, my depression & postpartum, My anxiety induced my Reglan, Devonny was also very colicky. My first daughter Giana, was not at all. A very simple baby, so this threw me for yet another loop.  I met this girl a few times, and I tried to be her friend, but every time I'd try to hang out, she'd blow me off. I tried to hang out with her about 10+ times, before I got the point. I would text say, "Hey, wanna go with me "wherever" insert-place-here." She would be like, "No, I'm busy" At first I seriously thought she was just that busy. After a while, I sat down and thought about it, and was like, hmmmm.. She would never say, "Oh, well I am leaving now, do you want to come with?" She knew I was depressed and lonely and sad. It was never "Well, why don't you come back later?" or "No, I'm busy today, but what about tomorrow or the next day?" It was a compete diss. It was probably more than 10x. Now its super  awkward when I see her, because she lives close to me. But I am not pathetic like that. Not everyone has to like each other. Its just that this girl, for example, claims to be this nice, church going, navy wife, who is part of  what I like to call the Navy Wives Club. Which basically is a group of women assigned to each submarine who welcome the other wives and organize functions.They are supposed to help women who was going through what I was going through. Ironic, huh? I try to stay away from those women, because those can be the most judgmental, in my opinion, in large numbers anyway. Please do not get defensive and bash me for saying this. I am sure by their selves each of these women is quite lovely. But in large numbers they are like a pack of wolves and very intimidating. A lot of the women also use their husbands status and think women who are married to men who are not ranked as high as theirs are should kiss their ass. That's not my style. You are not royalty, you are no different than me. So I just choose to stay away! I don't need all that high school drama around my girls. I compare it to being back in High School and everyone already having their cliques and your the new kid. I cuss a lot. I don't go to church, so I don't really fit in with most of them. Whenever I did go to functions, noone ever talked to me, and when I tried to mingle I was shot down. Do I have BO or something? LOL!

That is just me though. I don't tolerate excuses, and I am extremely prompt and dependable. When I meet someone who isn't, it breeds a strong deal of dislike from my part. I do not tolerate being stood up, lied to, or other foolish things. If you tell me you are going to do something, you have to do it in my mind, or you aren't worth the waste of my time. In my older age, as I meet more and more people like this, it gets done to me. I become more and more intolerant of it. When I'm friends with someone, I give the friendship my all. It's just how I am. I simply do not have time for people in my life, who are so self involved. They will only bring frustration & drama. SO that's not to say that I have zero friends, I have tons of friends I grew up with back home. I have a few friends here I really like too. Two neighbor girls who are always always there for me, and the best neighbors you could ask for. Plus this awesome girl I met a year ago named Destiny. Who I love, and then there's a couple of other girls I do not know so well yet, that I am talking to. But being here, is different from being back home.  I explain it this way. When you have been friends with someone since the beginning of time, high school and such, its easier to be forgiving of their short-comings. If they say something off the wall its OK, because they are half-like family. If they stand you up, or are flaky, you get ill but you forgive them.  But when you meet someone new and they do it, your kinda like, "Jeez! I just met you!" Its just that my personality type doesn't mesh well with all.
Its that simple.
I am aware and working on it. But I cannot help who I am, anymore than I can help my skin color. Its in my DNA. I am not apologizing for it. I do not try to offend others. I am just blunt like that.
So you know a little about me.
My strengths, my weakness. I am not afraid to bare it all.
I am me.
I am woman.
I am Casey.
hear me roar!

My daughters are so cute! My youngest, Devonny is a handful. She is very clingy and loving, she is also a scared y cat! She will freak out if you sit her on the edge of something. Even if you are holding her. She is the sleepiest baby I have ever met and has the cutest dimples. People say she looks just like my husband, but really, she looks like my baby pictures.
My oldest, Giana is about to be six years old! Isn't that crazy? I am getting old. She is sooo smart. SHE READS CHAPTER BOOKS! And  she is very inquisitive. She also drives me up the wall. (this goes back to me being extremely impatient.) She loves scary movies and is very tall for her age. She has what I call, "Peggy Hill" feet.

So there it is, you know some things about me. A lot actually. My strengths, my weaknesses. My kryptonite. Maybe I told you too much.  I am an extremely honest person. I must be a direct descendant of George Washington  LOL!


Rj and Jessie said...

My mom and Brayden are Leos through and through. Haha. I like this post!

Mom Daughter Style said...

im late but still stopping by from the Alexa hop

EmeraldandJade said...

You've exposed so much of yourself here, I feel as if I'm reading a diary. Or like I'm here on this couch with my best friend who is one of the most colorful (=blunt) persons I've ever known. That's amazing you can be so free to express yourself. What a great quality to have. I've been on both sides, feeling like a reject and (yes) rejecting others who tried to get close. It's all boils down to fear and insecurities. I'm sure you don't have BO with all the beauty/hygiene products you review :) But seriously, knowing what's important to us and staying loyal to that has to be the one of the biggest keys to happiness.

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