Friday, June 3, 2011

When Daddy Snores - Kids Book Review + Giveaway ends 6/11 ***CLOSED!!!***

*** CLOSED!!!***
Does your Daddy (or Husband) snore? Ours does! Not very often, and not very loudly either. He's great about it, because when I wake him up and tell him, he rolls over, changes position.. it magically stops! But .. I have heard, most men are not like that at all. What is so funny is that even though it is very rare, probably only 3-4x a month.... he doesn't know he does it! He will deny deny deny! I am going to have to record it, but it is so random. He is a light sleeper. So if i got out of bed to record it.. he'd probably stop anyway. The point is moot. My dad however, snores so loud I am not sure how my mother has not strangled him. I would make him sleep at the opposite end of the house. (: He also, denies that he does it. They are always like, "No, I don't!" I have heard I do it too. I believe it though! My oldest daughter talks in her sleep. And sometimes sleeps with her eyes half-ajar. (My mother says I used to do that too... and it scared the crap out of people!)

My Daddy Snores is a comedic book about a Daddy who snores very loudly. It is set up to where the kids do not know where the loud sound is coming from.. "Is it this? Is it that?" Its cute. I am sure a family with a snoring Daddy would find it more than amusing as well.

It is available for print purchase by contacting them at (they accept PayPal at that email, or you can send a check via snail mail, and email them for the address). The ebook is also available on through June 30, for just 99 cents (in celebration of Father's Day) using the coupon code KT84R. After that, the price will go up to $2.99. The direct link is

ends 6/11 11:59 pm eastern

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On a related note......

This product was provided to me free for review purposes by Shannon Janeczek. All opinions contained here-in are 100% mine and not influenced by monetary compensation.


lewalk said...

It let me enter. It did tell me a couple of times that something happened and to try again but then it went on through by itself.

This would be for my niece and nephew.

My daughter doesn't snore (well not since she had tonsils and adenoids out when she was 4), before that though she would wake the dead. Now (she is 15) she just talks in her sleep and sleep walks. She came into my bedroom one night and was talking about toast. Lol. My hubby snores, LOUDLY! I guess I do too though, not loud, but I blame mine on my allergies. All three of my dogs snore. The littlest dog is the one who snores the loudest. He actually wakes himself up sometimes.


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