Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Healthy Steps portion control review

"Healthy Steps is not a program you have to follow, it is not a deprivation plan - in fact it isn't a plan at all. Healthy Steps is a line of kitchen products designed to help you prepare properly portioned foods at home and gives you the tools necessary to enjoy the foods you currently eat in a more healthy manner. We understand that today's family is a busy family and so our kitchen products are aimed at saving you time in the kitchen as well."

HealthySteps can be found at www.myhealthysteps.com, they sell portion control kitchen utensils that are not only cute but extremely useful and unique.

Sugar Shaker Price- around 12$
Dispense a precise amount every time.

Of the three things Healthy Steps provided to me for review, my favorite hands down was the sugar shaker! Its my favorite because it will be the most used. I love how I don't have to break out the measuring spoon, I am an avid coffee drinker, and I cannot drink it without sugar, so maybe this will open my eyes to how much I use and stop me from overusing.
Sugar contains no fat or cholesterol. However, its overuse is a leading cause of many health-related problems including obesity and high blood pressure. Limiting sugar intake is recommended as an effective weight management tool and the Healthy Steps Portion Control Sugar Shaker makes it easy. It’s a measuring dispenser and a tabletop shaker, all in one! A simple turn of the dial measures a specific amount of sugar every time.

¼ tsp
½ tsp
1 tsp
shake or pour
removable measuring cup in base

Cheese Grater Price- around 12$
Grate one fresh serving at a time

The cheese grater, is also a much needed kitchen utensil. Not because I don't have one, I do. But a lot of the times, we have what I call fen-for nights here. This is where mamma needs a cooking dinner break and you can fend-for-yourself. I usually have a salad, as does my husband. I usually make Giana one too. This will help us know we are outting the right amount of cheese on our salads. I am hell on wheels when it comes to over doing the cheese. Lets use this for an example. When I go to a restaurant and they grate cheese over your food. I wait a long while before I tell them to stop (LOL!)

Cheese is frequently over used, adding extra calories and saturated fats to foods. The Healthy Steps Portion Control Cheese Grater grates and measures one serving at a time to help control portion sizes. The clear bin captures the cheese and allows you to easily view the proper portion size of cheese.

stainless-steel medium grate
clear, easy to read bin
measures 1- 2 servings
How to use
Fill hopper to 1st line for one serving of cheese
Fill hopper full of cheese for two servings
Lift lid to dispense cheese
Hand wash with soap and water

Water infuser (or Tea!) Price- around 6$
Make all-natural citrus or herbal infused drinks
The tea infuser is neat because it lets you put herbs, such as mint, or fruit, into your tea, without it actually being able to be poured into the glass and having to be strained. Its rather large, quite larger than I expected.
Infusing water with natural flavors is simple with the Healthy Steps Water Infuser. Enjoy the convenience, cost savings and health benefits of all-natural infused water or tea made right at home.
fits inside most pitchers
ball keeps fruit slices contained and pulp out of drinks
a healthy alternative to sugary drinks
How to use
Slice desired fruit and/or herbs and place into Water Infuser ball.
Close Water Infuser ball and insert into pitcher of water or tea.
Allow to infuse for 30 minutes prior to drinking.
No need to remove ball from pitcher, enjoy your healthy infused drink!
Top rack dishwasher safe.

They have many other useful utensils as well, including, but not limited to a perfect portion server set, which is a set of three plastic food servers, that help you judge either the right portion of pasta, meat or vegetable. There is a salt shaker just like the sugar shaker (only shorter and fatter) a butter pro spoon, a really neat pasta basket, and those are just the portion control line. There is also a mulitple use line, that includes an avocado peeler/slicer, herb, produce, citrus zest, spoon rest, produce fresh bags, and a tea infuser (for loose tea).

@Healthy_steps on twitter
and HealthySteps on Facebook (get connected with them they have giveaways often!)

These products are made by Jokari and have been featured in the AVON catalog for May 2011.

These products were provided to me for review purposes only by MyHealthySteps.com and all opinions contained within this blog post are 100% mine and not influenced by monetary pay. My experiences/opinions with and related to this product may or may not be the same as yours and in this event I am not responsible.


esluka said...

Unique products! Thaks for the review. Cool gift ideas for people!

Shannon's Tales of Motherhood said...

These are so cute! I would love to check these out for my kichen.I could use some portion control in my life! lol
Thanks for the review!

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