Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Plumbing woes....

Plumbing Woes?
Anyone who reads my blog can tell I am a girly girl. From the word pink.
And a stay at home mom, who is married to a navy man. That combined with
plumbing troubles... naturally, only when he is deployed- spells
disaster. Of course, 'tis the rule of the military wife..Everything works..
until he walks out the door!

You wanna know something disgusting? My little girl's
bathroom was upstairs. Not anymore. This is why. She is scared of the noise
the toilet makes. She would literally flush it and run out. When I was pregnant, I
didn't go upstairs much.. so I would only go up every couple of days.. never used
that bathroom. One day when I went up.. I started to smell something
funny.. You guessed it. She had been using it for at least a month (looked like..)
without flushing it.
It would not flush. I had to call a plumber to fix it!
So freaking gross! I felt so sorry for the guy!

Thank goodness he got it fixed! Honestly, I might've been able to do it myself..
but who would attempt to? Some things are just out of my hands sometimes. You just
do not know (nor want to know!) how bad that smell was. Of course, I gave her a
good talking to about flushing it every time. She had so much toilet paper on it,
it was like she was trying to stop it up.

Even worse, after that, she did it two more times!!!

Granted this was about 6 months ago. So she was barely 5.
Just a story to tell her when she gets older. Hopefully she will marry a plumber!!!

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{Not Quite} Susie said...

Oh my goodness! Poor kiddo, and poor mommy for having to deal with it- I can't imagine how THAT call to the plumber went!

Army Wife and Mom said...

I'm your newest follower. I totally understand the house falling apart as soon as the husband leaves...been there, done that! Glad it's not just me.

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