Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zaggora™ - Look Good Feel Good™ PLUS coupon code!

 Zaggora Hot Pants are technologically advanced workout clothes that help you get hotter and sweat more and lose more weight per workout session than you normally would. They remind me of a wet-suit  This is the 2nd pair I have tried. The first pair were the original capri hot-pants, and they came up under my bust line. Some of them have zippers, but my original pair did not. I love that pair, and believe it or not, they were really comfortable. ( I am referring to them coming up so high on my stomach under my bust)  I made the mistake of wearing cotton briefs under them, which ended up wringing wet with sweat. I realized a polyester thong or ... none at all would be better, less material to absorb all the sweat!

I liked the first pair so much, and even though it says not to, I admit it- I have washed them. They didn't shrink & they are fine, for those have wondered.  Like I was saying, ...  I loved them so much, I realized I needed another pair. I hate doing laundry!
So I was sent Viva. I thought they were so much cuter than the original black/neon yellow pair. They come in orange, blue, pink and yellow and green! I was sent pink, which if you knew me well- you'd know how appropriate that is. (Most everything I own is pink!) While I like them, they seem thinner and aren't as "torso tall" as the first pair. The first pair covers my whole torso, and this barely covers my belly button, so I don't think I am sweating as much as I do with the black pair. I feel like my upper butt (excuse my french, no other way to describe it here) is going to play
"peek-a-boo" in these pants as I move and groove and workout. These are definitely more fashion forward, but not nearly as comfortable as my other pair. I think the pair for me might be these long capris the new 2.0 improved hot-pants. I like the capris best. They cost in USD 103.00.  The Viva's are much cheaper at only $79.
Even more so than the flares, the original, the 2.0 or the Viva, perhaps I should have asked to review the nude hotpants . They are only 71 dollars, and would be much sleeker and easier to hide under clothing. They would match most any workout shirt, and they seem much sexier. I am excited to tell you too, that Zaggora Hotpants also have matching Viva Sports Bras, to get stylish and cute while sweating the pounds off! I am not sure when they release them for sale, but I saw them on their Facebook Wall last month, so they are coming soon! I hope to review them again then .... and take the two week challenge, as I will finally have enough pairs by then. I am buying a pair next month, and I own 2, so if I get sent one more, (I do laundry every 5 days) I'll finally own enough pairs to justify trying the challenge. I'll be sweating my butt off for two weeks straight! I gotta say, I am a  hugefan of this brand. With the first review, I wasn't so sure- but since then, I gotta admit, they have grown on me so much!

Here's how you take the Zaggora 2 Week Challenge!!

Just weigh and measure yourself and write about your personal results with Zaggora on their Facebook page at .

You can lose weight 4X faster with Hot Pants!!!!

I am not the only person loving her Zaggora Hotpants! Denise Richards is also a big fan!  I was wondering how she stayed so sexy and fit! Check out more press from Zaggora!
Did you know? Women lose weight 4x faster with Zaggora! With more than 270,000 Facebook fans (and growing) and 420,000 products sold, the next big thing in fitness has arrived!

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  • Hot Pants increase energy expenditure during exercise by 6% versus the control garment. Hot Pants increase energy expenditure in the hour after exercise by 26%*.
·         Hot Pants increase the core body temperature by an average of 18% more than the control garment, which leads to an increase in metabolism.
·         30 minutes of exercise, weight loss is around 4x greater in Hot Pants than in a standard garment. On average, subjects lost 1.13% of body mass in Hot Pants compared to 0.27% in the control garment.

Denise Richards & Zaggora on YouTube
Zaggora™ - Look Good Feel Good™

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