Saturday, August 4, 2012

Regardless @klout


Regardless of whether or not you blog: Klout is an amazing tool to help you measure how well you are respected or listened to online!
Share a link on FB? Retweeted? All of those things. Klout measures all of your interaction online.
You can have celebrity status, or be a broadcaster, or any number of categories Klout will let you know you fall into.

Klout allows you to give " +k " which means you think someone is influential about a certain subject. For instance- I used to be a Nutrisystem Blogger, and one of my topics is Weight Loss. If I influenced you - you'd give me +k in weight loss or +K me in beauty or + k anyone for anything really. You can even add a topic to their page that is relevant to them to +K them in!

In addition, Klout also can recommend a topic for you, because Klout sees all that goes on online.

Klout calls me a "Pundit".

All the +K is not wrought for naught. The more +K you receive in certain Topics the more chances you have to receive a Perk in that category. If you are influential in Red Bull or Trident, then you recently were offered Red Bull perks and Trident. I got a huge box of 10 packs of Trident gum. :)
No blog review, no money required, just because I am influential about a topic that Trident set. It's that simple. You click the Perk, and say I want it! or "I'm In!"
That's all you have to do!
I have received many perks, including but not limited to Essie nail polish, (3 bottles) and I got in 2 BING Perks, which both included a 10$ pre-paid Visa card, with a Bing gift. One had a mini herb garden for my kitchen window, and one had a beautiful cork set and wine opener in a neat wooden box. It was nice! Klout will sometimes E-Mail you about a perk, but more often that not, you have to simply log-in and check, and the more +k you give, the more you'll get! The more +K you have, the more likely you can have a better Klout Score to get accepted for Perks, plus people with more +K in specific categories have higher priority for Perks, over those who have gotten very little +K.

Devonny says; "Aw man, you haven't signed up for Klout yet?!"

Klout is one of those sites, that you kind-of figure out as you go!!!
So what are you waiting for? Signup for Klout  and see what your score is, and how it compares to mine.
(Mine is 66!) Comment with your Klout score too!
Have a nice night!
Signup for Klout  
OR give me +k


Renee Sexton said...

These are awesome colors! I signed up and gave you some +K!! Thanks!! :)

Cristi said...

I LOVE Klout. I can not tell you the endless amounts of perks I have received from them, including these two nail polishes and the one on the way! I've got everything from watching series premieres early, to ongoing perks with cast iron puzzles to a full set of Gud products (lotion, body wash and shampoo!) Klout is one of my favorite websites!

Your score goes up more from being active in your social communities, but you are right that sometimes having the most +k in categories helps your chances of the bigger stuff. However, most of the time as long as you have medium topic strength in the right category for the right perk, you will get in. I love that it is so easy to get products to try before anyone else! :)

Cristi said...

*social networking communities. :)

Donna George said...

Maybe since I am not a blogger, I just don't see the value of Klout. Mine just keeps dropping, so I don't worry about it.

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