Thursday, August 23, 2012

#UbokiaEverywhere - Your time is money, spend it smarter! Marketplace - Shop from L of E!~

Good news! You can now shop online from your favorite Mommy Blog: Locomotion of Expressions!

Better news!! This makes it easier than ever to enter giveaways, and buy last minute purchases and as moms, multi-tasking like this is UBER important, right?

Best news:  Ubokia became the First Online Marketplace to to use uTrust Offer Identity Verification and Eliminate User Anonymity for Safer Online Transactions!!!

About Ubokia  --  Ubokia was launched in November of 2011 as a “want-centric” ecommerce platform. What that means is, you post you wants, and when someone has it they contact you. This saves you so much time searching site after site looking for what you want.

uGroups  --  uGroups give you the added option of creating a mini-community to buy, sell and trade to a select group of people. You can create either an Open or a Closed (Protected) group, the latter being by invite only. This is going to be useful in organizing fundraisers and events as well, as only members of the group know about the group!

Of course, I'm all about winning some stuff and freebies, so I love that Ubokia rewards it's users, join and find out how!!

Current Rewards

  • $50 gift card to California Pizza Kitchen!
  • $25 JC Penney Gift Card

" ALL communication is centered around the WANT, which puts
the power back in the hands of The Buyer. Before you can talk to
this Seller, you'll first need to have a WANT posted—or post a new one.
Doing this will allow other sellers to make offers to you too."

We all have interests or passions that we share with other enthusiasts. Maybe it is the Beatles, yoga, stamp collecting, ballet, maybe you just love collecting owl memorabilia, or have a passion for old model cars, or real antique cars, ice skating, and on and on. Wouldn’t it be great to have a marketplace for your passion? Ubokia Interest üGroups now make that a reality. Once you set up an Interest üGroup other enthusiasts that share your passion can join the üGroup and then browse, buy, sell, and trade with others that have the same interest.
“Community based marketplaces really make sense”, said Matt Pine, VP of Marketing. “If you are looking to borrow a ladder, posting that to a marketplace of your neighbors makes sense. If you are a mom looking for a baby sitter or someone to car pool with, you want to share your request with a group of other moms. This is not something you would do on Craigslist.”

Marketplaces where people who have a passion can buy, sell, and trade with others who share the same passion are really powerful. With Ubokia Interest üGroups it is not only possible, but entertaining and simple. There is really no limit except one’s imagination to the kinds of interest-based marketplaces you can create. A musician’s trading post where musicians can buy, sell, and trade old gear with other musicians is a cool example of a üGroup created by a user. Another interesting üGroup is for theatre and dance groups to share, swap, buy, and sell costumes and props. This will be especially helpful to my friends, who are Gymnastic's moms, and spend a LOT of money on Gymnastics Leotards!

Ubokia sign in homepage screenshot

 No bidding, no worry!
It’s SUPER easy to use. You can choose to log in through Facebook, which eliminates the need to enter a password every time you visit the site. You'll soon after using the site see how cool it is! 
 If you post an item for sale, and there are no wants for that item already posted, Ubokia will send you an email notification if someone posts a want, or if someone wants to contact you. 

I tried out Ubokia and I gotta say, I am impressed with the speed, and organization of the site. I think it's such a great idea & I don't know why it wasn't thought of sooner!

 Instead of putting your email out there for anyone to get, or having to give out your phone number- where you are asking people into your lives.. Ubokia is better because you communicate via the site, and you can see their ratings and whatnot! I love that Ubokia utilizes Paypal, which has never steered me wrong, and I trust it. After that last Walmart incident I'm not feeling too secure online anymore.

On that note, Ubokia has been introducing several layers of security as well. You can link your Facebook account, 
eBay Seller Rating, PayPal account, and even get uTrust Verified! You get to choose who you want to work with, and you can even choose to only deal with people who have been uTrust Verified.  That's genius I think!

Plus the more people know and use Ubokia the better it works, so join now! 

DISCLOSURE -  I was compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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