Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Don't feel safe online....

Because you are not. I had someone hack a Walmart account and spend all of my money.
I probably like most of you, assumed it was OK to have my CC info saved on the site. I have made purchases for years, and I haven't been scammed yet. I trusted the site. Don't trust the site.
Luckily they did catch it, but not before I racked up all kinds of overdraft charges. I corrected the situation and deleted all my CC info, from any site it could be on. However... it doesn't put money back into my account any faster.
Then, later I learned that it had happened with the same site to another friend not too long ago.
What the perp did was buy 2 at a time 50$ iTunes cards, every few minutes. Don't let this happen to you.
Delete you info and change you password every so often. Update your adware and Norton if need be. Protect yourselves before your in a situation like me where it's too late.


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