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Lucky Stars #1: Wish Upon a Friend by Phoebe Bright (Scholastic Review)

Lucky Stars #1: Wish Upon a Friend   by Phoebe Bright

If you have a little girl, or perhaps even a little boy, then you know how appealing books are that "come with something".
They have to have it. They will beg & plead, right? This book is the cutest girly thing I have found that's affordable. Most charge too much, right?

This books cost is  around 5$ and comes with an adorable charm bracelet attached. Giana (age 7) wanted to wear it as soon as I gave her the book. DUH! It is pink and screams "little girl".
The adventures she has with her magical bracelet are sure to delight a young reader!!!
It is the first in a series of books called "Lucky Stars". Each book comes with collectible charms! This one comes with 2, a moon and a bird!
The other books come with charms to add to your bracelet! Isn't that adorable?
This book would make the perfect gift for the girly girl in your life!
My daughter loves it. But then- I knew she would. I can always pick out books for her. But not clothes, so I learned at school's start this year! :)

Look at these pics below to see other books in the series!!! 

How could you not want to buy this collection of chapter books. Easy reading for a little girl! 

A magical new series-each book comes with a special collectible charm!

When magic falls out of the sky, anything can happen. . . .

Cassie is so excited to turn seven! She knows it's a special day, but she has no idea what's in store until she receives a bracelet with a poem inscribed on the back:

Now that you've reached your seventh birthday,
Seven charms shall come your way.
Discover who you really are,
And you'll become a Lucky Star.

Before she knows it, Cassie is whisked away on a magical adventure in the sky. She's going to become a Lucky Star -- someone who makes wishes come true. To fulfill her destiny, she has to help grant wishes for seven different people. With each wish, she'll collect a charm for her bracelet. But these are no ordinary charms . . . every charm gives Cassie a different magical power! Can she earn all seven?

Book One in the series comes with a bracelet and two charms, just like the ones Cassie receives in the book. Readers can collect and create their very own charm bracelet, like Cassie does!

Comes with a free bracelet and two collectible charms!

Perfect for fans of Rainbow Magic!

The first book in the series, Wish Upon a Friend, that we reviewed.

July 2012 9780545419987, 0545419980 $5.99 Ages 7 to 10 Paperback / softback Juvenile Fiction / Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Magic
Return Restrictions: Non-Strippable
Format/Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Library of Congress #: N/A
Territory: US, C
** E-Book Available: 978-0-545-44301-2
Scholastic Paperbacks Series: Lucky Stars 96 pages 5.250 in W | 7.630 in H

From Lucky Stars #1: Wish Upon a Friend
Cassie took off her bracelet and looked at it closely. What she saw made her gasp.
The inside of the bracelet was glowing with a bright light!
As she stared at it, the glow faded and revealed some writing.
Cassie turned the bracelet around as she read:
Now that you've reached your seventh birthday,
Seven charms shall come your way.
Discover who you really are,
And you'll become a Lucky Star.
"Lucky Star! That's what Mom and Dad call me." Cassie snuggled down with her cuddly old
cat. "What does it all mean, Twinkle?"
But Twinkle was staring upward. His fur went bristly and he flicked his tail. Suddenly he gave a growly yowl, leapt off the bed, and dived underneath it.
Cassie looked up to see what had scared him. One meteor, bigger than all the others, was swirling, bright against the night sky. Closer, closer, it came, as it seemed to spiral down to Earth.
"A shooting star!" she cried.
And it seemed to be heading straight for Cassie.

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