Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Hey guys! My name is Casey Colette and I am so excited today to be sharing with you a wonderful opportunity for the SAHM and fashionista! Just because we have small children doesn't mean we still don't want to look good and accessorize, right? Well with Miche® bag you can change your purse easily as you change your outfit!
Ahhh The Miche® Bag. A little something for everyone. Before I get into why I love these purses, let me first tell you that (similar to Avon) you can sell these purses and make commission and/or discounts towards your own Miche® Bag purchases, and build your very own Miche® Bag collection!
Now, onto why its so great..
The Miche® Bag comes in three sizes/shapes: the Big Bag, Classic Bag, or the Mini Bag. 
It is available in numerous styles/colors everything from bright and funky to classic and sleek.
Best of all the outer design is interchangeable! It is so cool. 
You may be wondering: "Why in the world would you want to swap the outside?" 
First of all, you need to know that the Miche® Bag is purchased in two separate forms. You have your Base Bag & your Shell. You cannot use one without the other. The Base Bag is super neat! It magnetically holds the Shell onto it.
Have you ever needed to change your handbag and thought:
     "Jeez! This sure is a lot of trouble!"
With the Miche Bag
® you just lift the flaps and remove it. Stick the Base Bag into another Shell and Voila! done!
It couldn't be easier!  

Lets pretend you have on a bright pink shirt. The purse you wore yesterday was yellow. That's just not going to do, huh? Instead of having to swap out the contents in the purse.. simply pull of the outer shell and replace it with another. Plus you cant even tell that the purse does that. Also there is a link on their site to design your own purse- using your very own images!
Right now, you can enter to win one until 8/31 on my blog using the link below.
While your there, you can read my review of Miche® and check out the two shells I received complimentary from Miche®: The Raye and The Allison. Then, use my Rafflecopter widget to enter to win a stylish Savannah and sleek Shawna + a base bag. A 149$ arv.!

For information on Miche’s amazing work from home opportunities  check out their website at
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