Monday, February 13, 2012

#rbbeauty Learn about #recycling with Pantene!!!

Hi Guys!
I want to tell you ALL about the Pantene® Nature Fusion Pledge, Quiz, and Game!
I have posted about Recyclebank before, in MANY of my posts. Recyclebank provides a trash can, that you fill (sans trash bag naturally) with all of your recyclables, without even separating them. You put the can (the same size and shape as your regular can) out with your regular trash can, and it is picked up (weighed) and you collect points for it's weight that can be spent on printable coupons that are exclusive to Recyclebank, and have mailed coupons such as free McDonalds, and even Gift Certificates to restaurants, and coupon codes to E-Retailers! It's super sweet! You should encourage your city to participate- it definitely makes recycling fun, and worthwhile, to those who are reluctant to do it! In addition... even if it's not in your community (it is NOT in mine!)
I still earn points weekly, and cash them in monthly! HOW? I'll tell you!
I strongly encourage you to join this program. They are constantly having quizzes (they call them Learn & Earn) and different things you can do to earn points. They have little games and quizzes each worth 5, 10 and 25 points- and they constantly offer them, and they will email you when they add new ones too!
Right now, they have this neat Pantene Learn & Earn & you can earn points for a Pledge; Quiz; & Game!
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Click the pictures below, or the links above that say "Pledge" "Quiz" & "Game"!
  • The PLEDGE is on the Pantene FB page and it looks like the image (below) click it to pledge

Learn & Earn w Pantene & Recyclebank - CLICK HERE to pledge!
Click it!

    after you do that...
    Click this picture, and look for that image on that site! (20 points!)

    Earn 20 points with a Pantene Quiz!

    The last step! Click this final image, and complete the task, and your all done! 

    Last step, take another quiz for 25 points! Easy! :)

    That was too easy right? Once you are done, take that knowledge and pass it on, and use it! Look for Recyclebank emails to learn & earn, even more!
    Thanks guys!
    "Like" them!
    Follow them!

    Read my other Recyclebank posts!

    This post is not sponsored, I am encouraging you to join Recyclebank because it truly is a wonderful program!


    Amber said...

    If you had to break it down monthly, how much free stuff would you say you get out of it?

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