Thursday, February 2, 2012

#nsnation Muscle eats Fat! Take that fat!

You are what you eat? Or that's the old adage anyway. But what does that mean? Does that mean if you eat healthy then you will be healthy and if you eat fatty foods you will be fat? Most likely. I mean, come on! Do you really think downing a "Pounder" bag of Ruffles potato chips is the best idea? Never-mind the sour cream and onion dip. Try to forget the fact that you just ate a million calories. Ok, I'm being facetious. More likely about 3,000. Which is ONLY two days worth. 

Nutrisystem helps you by offering online support, and easy ideas for keeping those No-No foods off your plate!  A minute on the lips, a lifetime of the hips! Can you avoid that temptation? Nutrisystem helps out by letting you eat "bad foods" that are not bad at all. Only disguised that way, packed with nutrients. If you are having a sweet tooth (craving) try one of their bars! I love the Harvest Fruit & Nut bar! YUM! 

The one thing you should know is.. dieting alone is not an answer. You have to workout. You can try any "miracle pill" or drops, but the solution lies in good old fashioned hard work. Why? Because muscle eats fat! You can diet all you want, and you might even lose weight. BUT, and that's a big butt! (<-- Good joke? No? Ok.. moving on...) even if you lose weight.. unless you have the metabolism of a small child, and the energy of one, you are not going to keep it off. As soon as you go back to eating "normal" it goes right back on your midsection. You have got to build muscle. 

You can burn more calories at a resting rate the more muscle you have. For instance, you and a body builder (not that you should become one to lose weight, just a little muscle is all that is needed) can sit side by side, and eat that bag of ruffles, and container of sour cream dip (this is hypothetically, do not actually do it!!) and he likely wont gain a pound. But someone who never works out will. It doesn't really matter if you run around at work all day, although it does help. Every muscle in your body is like a fine tuned machine. You have got to get some "muscle confusion" and break that muscle memory! Even if you move all day long, that means your legs and arms might be healthy, but you have to work the other's too. What about your core? 

nuThe food that Nutrisystem gives you, is fine tuned to give you the calories, vitamins, carbs and nutrients you need at the right time of the day. They do the hard work for you. All you have to do is grab the right color food. Counting calories can help too, but I think it is very important to exercise.

So, we have joined a gym, as I have mentioned in previous posts, and I feel younger and more energetic already. We go every other day. I'll tell you this- it's addictive. At first, you will get the soreness. Especially if your as out of shape as I was. That sore muscle feeling will make you not want to go. But if you can just push past that- you'll be on the right track.

I am tickled because I no longer have to go alone. Used to- I did. Noah had to stay with the children. Not to mention; I couldn't even go when he was deployed. The gym on our military base is free, but if you don't have the money for or a babysitter lined up- well, you can't go. I have friends but none that want to keep them 4x a week while I go. I definitely would NOT trust my children with strangers either. 

This gym has a tot drop, which is a novel idea. If you are thinking of joining a gym, but have childcare issues that are preventing you from doing so, call around and ask to see if any of yours do. Our family membership is 30$ a month at our local Rec Center. We had to sign up for a year to get that rate though. But, we'll have pool privileges when it re-opens soon, plus there are many other amenities there.
Worth a look I suppose.
I feel that with Nutrisytem and exercise, there no way I can lose.

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling Phone: 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

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