Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My aching back

So you may have noticed the Facebook page being quite empty and the blog not being updated. I had pulled a muscle in my lower back and couldn't walk for  almost 4 days. I guess I am not as young as I used to be. If you would've told me, you could hurt your back, not know it, then it start slightly hurting 12 hours later, and then peak out 24 hours later, with pain so bad you cannot lift your own foot into the car, or walk faster than an old lady.. simply by picking up a heavy laundry basket? I would tell you you were a pussy! If you hurt so bad that you couldn't cross your legs, or walk 5 ft from your couch to your bathroom, I would'nt have believed you. Today I am walking again, but I still feel like I was in a car wreck, or got beat in the back with a baseball bat. In fact- all I have done is sleep for about 3 days now. I am pathetic. Now if someone tells me they have back pain, I will believe them and totally empathize. Even coughing and laughing hurt. I have been on couch not even able to go upstairs to my own bed. Taking pills trying to deal (and they don't help by the way, just make me not care and sleep more) and laying on a heating pad!

Boy guys.. that absolutely sucked! Glad to be "semi" back-to-normal. Anyway- for all the sponsors who are eagerly awaiting their posts, I appreciate your continued patience, and I will get you up as soon as I can. I can only type 36 word per minute, and no more than 5 posts per day, so we'll challenge me and see how much I can do how fast? Usually I go for quality over quantity, but I do have a lot of work to do! So bear with me!

Thanks for being a reader of Locomotion of Expressions!

Pray for my frail hopeless lower back muscles!

PS Don't pick up super heavy laundry baskets!


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