Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Infinity LED Ultra Series LED Light Bulbs review

The Infinity LED Ultra Series LED Light Bulbs consume up to 93% less energy than all other lighting types currently available while delivering the same light output of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.  The bulbs fit into all standard E26 medium base light fixtures, and generate very little heat – no need to wait for the bulb to cool down for removal. The LED Light bulbs are available in two color tones – “Cool White” for a bright yet soft glow and “Warm White” for a dimmer, more relaxing atmosphere – in either 40 Watt or 60 Watt brightness. 
 These bulbs are available at cableorganizer.com and they conserve energy and save money – a win-win situation for anyone.

What did we think?

They are so cool! My husband (as some of you may know) is always trying to better our home and our wallets and the environmental impact. Not only are the bulbs extremely affordable, but they also look really cool! They weren't as bright as I thought they would be, but they are definitely serving their purpose. I like how they have an average lifespan of 35,000+ continuous hours (approx. 4 years). This means I am not constantly popping bulbs and needing to buy more, or look for replacements in our crowded garage! Also, if Giana forgets to turn the light off, I don't have to worry that our light bill is going to go up. 
We do have a dimmer switch, but they are not dimmable. The 40 watt bulbs equivalent is right under $16 and the 60 watt equivalent is right under $19. This means more money in your wallet all the way around. No matter which way you slice it. You save money buying bulbs, as their costs pays for itself over and over again. You save money on your power bill and peace of mind because it's the right thing to do. Regular incandescent bulbs are so outdated they are almost like 8 tracks anyway! 
Unlike florescent bulbs they do not flicker at all.  They are extremely futuristic looking actually. 
The site has many more things to offer, other than just LED bulbs, so have a look around. Not only do they accept most all major forms of online payment, you  can also pay via Paypal, one of my favorite ways to pay.

Taking care of our environment is one of the more important things we can do to secure a safe and healthy life for our children. Being "green" is not the next big fad, it's a necessary step towards preserving our earth for the future. 
Switching to LED lighting is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to go green and start saving money instantly. The Ultra LED Series light bulbs from Infinity Green consume up to 93% less energy than all other lighting types available, and come in your choice of two pleasant tones to complement any atmosphere.

In this case, the light was whiter and bluer than the other (non-LED)  and we preferred this one because we thought it most sharply illuminated the room.
It simply screws into normal fixtures to replace standard 40-watt "A type" bulbs. This bulb did a great job approximating what we're used to, with surprisingly soft, diffuse light that projected well in all directions. The light was a bit cooler than incandescents, but it wasn't harsh or bluish. It was noticeably "nicer" than fluorescents, and we would certainly be comfortable with this in our homes.

The top globe of the bulb stayed cool to the touch while the lower heat sink warmed up, although it did not get untouchably hot the way incandescents do. 
Energy Star standards don't yet apply to LEDs, but it's coming.

The bulb feels heavy and sturdy in your hand. It's obviously less breakable than an incandescent glass light bulb or CFL. Even if it were to break, it does not contain any mercury or lead.

LED light bulbs contain no mercury, and they offer other advantages over compact fluorescent light bulbs. LED light bulbs turn on instantly, last much longer and are more energy efficient. Their lifetime isn't affected by frequent cycling on and off, so they're especially suitable for light fixtures that don't stay on very long -- or conversely, for light fixtures that stay on so long that the extra energy efficiency is significant. 

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