Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blog Forums: Why They Are Worth It and How To Work Them

Blog Forums: Why They Are Worth It and How To Work Them

As the blogosphere continues to grow, so too does the need for bloggers' communities. Forums are the best method for bringing people together globally to share common interests, showcase their talents and to network with each other. There are already several reputable forums for bloggers and they continue to grow as more people create blogs.
Many people would ask, are forums for bloggers worth the time and the effort? Most, if not all people who are avid bloggers, will readily admit that blog forums are worth their time. Forums are more often than not, used as marketing tools for budding novelists, computer programmers, consultants and any other professional who is seeking to build a clientele. Forum administrators do not charge people a monthly fee to participate on the forum. Forums are specifically designed to bring professionals and experts together, professionals eager to find experts to fill their blogs with content and to provide helpful information to aspiring bloggers. Experts--you and me--are those people who seek to make connections with professionals, build an online presence and land regular paid writing gigs.
Like anything else, though, forums do require time and effort. You get what you put in. The more time you invest into your participation on a forum, the further ahead you will get. However, it can take months to connect with the right professionals, the ones who are in turn willing to invest in you. There are also several forums for bloggers and not all of them are friendly and open-minded. Some of them may not be that active. It is a bit of a gamble, but it is worth the time to browse the internet and find the blog forum that best suits your needs.
Even forums have rules and regulations. Once your registration has been confirmed and you are logged onto the forum, read the rules and regulations. That way you learn what, in terms of use, administrators find appropriate and what they deem inappropriate. Once you have a basic understanding of the rules, introduce yourself in the 'Introduction' thread. In your introduction, explain who you are, what you do for a living or for a hobby and then list your blog and/or website at the bottom. Use a friendly tone when writing your introduction. At the end, explain what experience and knowledge you plan to give to other bloggers and what you hope to gain in return. Take time to read posts that other people have started and comment on them. That is the best way to get known. When people see that you are genuinely taking an interest in them, they will take an interest in you. It is also a great way to get noticed by high profile bloggers.

Deanna Proach is a blogger for SEO Doctor, an SEO Consultant based in the UK.


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