Saturday, September 3, 2011

french toast

Gigi started a new school this year! A private school! So far she is doing great! She is in first grade and already learning cursive letters! And her handwriting is actually better than mine! 

The best part is the uniforms. Even though I thought I wouldn't like them. I really do! They are so adorable and she looks so cute in them. She looks like a little angel. 

Some school uniforms are stuffy but the ones we order from French Toast are awesome! I have been trying to get with them to do a blog review, because.. well, to be honest, just paying for the school in full at the start of the school year has us playing a little bit of catch up. So we didn't have much money to buy a lot. Not that they are expensive at all. In fact- I think I spent less on them than I normally would typically spend on school clothes. We could really use a few more uniforms, but I just don't have the money to buy them right now. 

See, the children can still be individuals in their uniforms. They don't have the exact same uniform they wear day in and day out. There are numerous colors of polos and blouses that they can pair with different bottoms.. dresses, skirts, jumpers and shorts. So- no two kids in her class would likely have the same outfit on. But despite the fact that there are many different types (and colors) French Toast carries... there are only a handful that her school will allow them to wear. For instance, the black shorts/skirts are not allowed. Nor are the plaid. Which I really like the plaid. *sad face* They also sell super cute shoes, hair-bows, belts, and boy clothes too. Although I don't have a little boy.

Hopefully I can get them to work with me.. the sooner the better. We are in dire need of some more school clothes....

Giana feels like a big girl getting herself ready in the morning. :)
Just check out a few of her outfits below! Tell me she isn't cute as a button. I dare you!
Giana is rocking her some French Toast school clothes!

French toast also has coupon codes and if you sign up for their email/newsletter you will get alerts about great deals they have going on.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post nor did French Toast provide samples to me for review. These were bought by us with our very own money! (LOL!). I thought you may find this interesting as I did.


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