Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sidral Mundet review

Sidral Mundet’s, popular apple-flavored soda from Mexico has a great taste that comes from real apples and not artificially flavored.

Made with natural apple juice, natural sugar and no artificial flavors or colors, Sidral Mundet boasts a unique and delicious taste.

Sidral Mundet is a pasteurized  apple flavored soda from Mexico. I really love Mexican drinks/foods, and shop the little stores as often as I can remember to. Just for a change of pace and also because their snack foods are so much better and different than ours. Well - some of it.

Started by Don Arturo Mundet in 1902 when Porfirio Diaz was still governing Mexico, Mundet still remains the 100% Mexican soft drink with a flavor that really does come from real apples!

There are two varieties/flavors of Sidral Mundet. There is the original which looks and tastes a lot like a sugary soda version of Apple Juice. Which is what it is! I personally, liked the green sour apple flavor the best! It tasted like liquid candy. I know Giana really liked it. I was sad I had to share it with her because they only sent one. I wish they would have sent a six pack. I would have gladly traded that for the T-Shirt! 

Looking on their website I see it comes in many other forms. Mine was shipped in glass bottles, but it is also sold in numerous sizes of plastic bottles. Interesting. Giana thought it was wine or beer. I almost couldn't get her to taste it. But then- when she did, I about couldn't get it back!

To sum it up. very apple-y. I liked the green best, but it was slightly sour and sweet. It reminded me of the sour liquid candy you ate as a kid.... only not that sour. It was weird. Strange but different. but hey- I liked it! 

There a lot of cool stuff on their facebook page - fun games and chances to win some great stuff from them  - you can win daily and weekly prizes for playing our new application Where's Mundet!" There is also a store locator for your 
readers to check out if they'd like to look for Sidral in their area.

12 oz
1.5 lt
20.29 oz
12 oz

Twitter @sidralmundet

*Disclaimer* ~ I received a sample gift pack from Sidral Mundet.  The above review is 100% my opinion.


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