Friday, September 23, 2011

EdenFantasys - SexIs always relevant

I subscribe to EdenFantasys Sexis newsletter & occasionally read it. Today I noticed something relevant to my best friends issue. She is a little bit older than me and has a 15 year old son who she recently discovered is having sex. For some reason, the reaction to a boy having sex.. is slightly different from teenage girl having it. It's not right & I know it and some may disagree. I'm sure its also different when it's your own kid as opposed to someone elses. My advice to her- we'll get into further down.

Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at

So my email from them today has a link to a column with a video from a woman named Nikol Hasler.

I must admit- she's very likable and funny. In fact- I liked the video so much, I went & watched a few of her videos. Her webisode series is titled "So what did we learn?" It's super cute. Some of them are laugh out loud funny. Ironically I found a video/article she wrote on the 9th (Sept) talking about things she wants her 13 year old son to know about sex, but doesn't want to tell him.

SexIs Magazine is a quarterly United States-based magazine "about sex and all things sexual" founded in 2008 by Web Merchants, parent company of sex toy e-tailer It comes in print & has a website.

So what was my advice to my best friend?
Stop trying to fight with him about it. He's going to do it & no amount of grounding or chasity belt or lecturing is going to stop him. Teenagers have been bossed around their whole lives and they start to feel like OK, I'll be out of the house in 3 years.. I don't have to listen to you. Unless she handcuffs herself to him and acts like his Siamese twin he's going to do it. 

The Kasiser Family Foundation reports it as around 50% of high school kids have. Not at my high school. It was closer to 80% the junior and senior years. The only kids nowadays (bite my head off if you will .. be naive and think your kid doesn't.) who don't have sex are the nerdy ones, & some of them do! The super religious kids too.  Even still- some of them do! 
My advice to her is stay calm. He probably wants the rise out of her. Keep explaining STDs and pregnancy & maybe some of it will sink in. 
What would've been your advice? My kids are so young. I'm sure it will be much different when it happens to me. I won't want my own advice I am sure. Perhaps an all girls school? :)

I wonder what Nikol Hasler would say? Her next webisode should be on this topic. SPECIAL Casey Request!
On the right sidebar it will say; other articles by Nikol Hasler. Click them and watch them too.  I watched them all. She gets 2 thumbs up from me!

Disclosure- I blog for EdenFantasys in exchange for gift cards but the opinions are 100% my own!


Nikol said...

Wow. That's super cool that you found the videos. Man, all the time I wonder what it'll be like when my own kid does start having sex. Will I get weird around him? Much to think about. Thanks!

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