Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thanks I Stock

Today I found out one bad bad bad thing about IStock. I was unaware when you paid 40 something dollars for a picture, it wasn't  yours and someone else could put it on their blog. Golly gee, that's freaking lovely!
Now I feel cheated and ordinary, average & boring. Like I need to change my header. But I don't want to! (Crosses arms huffily!) I don't know who had it first, but it doesn't matter because there is nothing I can do about it. Short of changing mine.. which is unique to my blog and makes it recognizable. Luckily, at least her blog is a Spanish blog. I signed up for this blog button promotion, I can't even remember the name.. But had it not been for that- and sheer chance.. I wouldn't have even known. Wonder how many of you reading this right now have someone who has your very same header. You are probably sitting there, thinking "NAH!" I am thinking, yeah right. The site is a banner exchange and you have to post the html on your sidebar and your button code, and the site has a flashing button that revolves through it's members. I don't know how many members, how often it cycles.. but I rarely pay attention to it. I was editing my "button love" box and noticed my blog button picture in it, and thought, "Yay!" (There's mine!) Then.. dismay... wait! No! That's got writing on it, mine doesn't! So I click it, and it takes me here: On her twitter:!/EsposaPerfecta and yes, even on her facebook:
Here's the screenshot as I saw it this morning. Again, let me re-iterate how crazy it is that I chanced upon that. I am pretty sure they have a ton of members and that button changes frequently. How ironic is it she happens to be on the same site as i? Strange. What to do now? Advice? THOUGHTS? Please share them!



I think it is VERY strange that she has almost the exact same button as you, but a free layout on her blog. Her button looks like she cropped Locomotion of Expressions out, and added her blog name. She got the free template the same place I got the green one w the girl on it (look at the VERY bottom of her right sidebar). Having the same image- not really surprising, but the same background? not a coincidence. If I were you, I would go to google translate, type something up & call her out on it!


AND you guys are on the same site... That is how she found it!

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